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Go on Shore Leave With the Crew of the HMS Enterprise

Go on Shore Leave With the Crew of the HMS Enterprise

Star Trek Beyond might be taking us into the future of Trek this summer, but artist Richard Kingston takes Kirk and crew to the past — the 1800s, in fact. “Where the Bold Have Boldly Been” is a gorgeous re-imagining of classic Trek in a British navy style that shows the crew of the Enterprise like you’ve never seen them before.

Kingston’s digital paintings are not just beautiful portraits of the Enterprise crew; the details hidden in each painting are homages to classic episodes and film moments that will delight any fan of Star Trek.

Helmsman Hikaru Sulu sips from his U.S.S. Excelsior tea cup first seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Standing at the wheel of the ship with a twinkle in his eye, Kingston captures the sly smile we all love. And talk about detail: In the bottom right corner, Sulu keeps his grip on his sword, a subtle homage to his fencing prowess shown in the classic episode “The Naked Time.” Richelieu, beware!

Communications Officer Nyota Uhura is seen in full uniform with her standard hoop earrings and hand to her earpiece. Instead of monitoring hailing frequencies, however, she’s right at home poring over a chart of maritime signal flags.

Communications Officer Nyota Uhura

And no gallery of Star Trek portraits would be complete without Captain James T. Kirk. Kirk may be a little more rotund than we’re used to seeing him, but his portrait is just as amazingly detailed. A slight smile and rose in his hand remind us all of his charm, and his trusty Captain’s Log is on the table beside him.

Check out Kirk, Uhura, and Sulu in the gallery below, and then set a course for Kingston’s web site to see the rest of the crew in their own portraits. Be sure to look at his other incredible historical re-imaginings featuring characters from Blade Runner, Star Wars, and Aliens. (Renaissance Ripley has to be seen to be believed.)


All images: Richard Kingston, used with permission


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