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These Geeky Art Galleries Will Slake Your Thirst For Pop Culture Art

These Geeky Art Galleries Will Slake Your Thirst For Pop Culture Art

Pop culture-related art isn’t new. In fact, you can check out all kinds of fan art over on DeviantArt for free, anytime you want. But around the world, unique galleries specializing in art influenced by popular TV shows, movies, comics, and games have popped up. These galleries have physical locations with rotating shows and galleries while also providing the option for fans to purchase the pieces online. This means that even if you visit one of the galleries on the list below, you can still grab some of the awesome art they show. Check out these galleries when you’re in town or browse them online.

iam8bit (Los Angeles, CA)


My first experience with iam8bit was their recent exhibition of art inspired by The X-Files. Over the course of the last 5 years, they’ve had exhibitions featuring art inspired by Street Fighter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Robot Chicken, and more. The next time you’re in LA, swing by the gallery or check out their online store to see what art you can add to your collection.

French Paper Gallery (Paris, France)


If you ever find yourself wondering around Paris, make sure to check out the French Paper Gallery. Recently they hosted shows featuring art inspired by everything from The Simpsons to LOST. Seriously, they have it all. But if you’re not planning to swing by Paris anytime soon, you can find all sorts of neat art in their online store.

Bottleneck Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

Bottleneck Gallery

Between gallery shows and working with Marvel and Grey Matter Art on special prints, Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn is pretty busy. Their online store is constantly being updated with new releases and if you’re lucky enough to drop by the gallery, you’ll probably catch a cool exhibition. Recently they had shows inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Blade Runner, and cartoon villains. Prepare your wallet.

Spoke Art (San Francisco, CA)


Whether you’re looking for some unique Wes Anderson prints or just some alternative movie posters, Spoke Art in San Francisco should be on your “must-see” list. From Tarantino to Scorsese, Spoke Art has exhibits for everyone. And of course, their online store won’t disappoint either. Wishing for infinite funds right about now.

Gallery 1988 (Los Angeles, CA)


It’s possible that Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles is one of the coolest places on the planet. In the past, exhibitions have included a Super Nintendo and Sega-themed show, a Guillermo del Toro-inspired show, and even a complete show devoted to toys. Come on! Plus, they have two different Los Angeles locations to explore. And if you’re not in the City of Angels, have no fear. Their online store is pretty rad too.

Looking for geeky art to line your walls? In addition to the galleries above, Geek Art has links to art and announces shows around the world.

Did we miss any galleries or awesome places to buy pop culture inspired art? Let us know your favorite place to buy geeky art in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Gallery 1988 / Facebook

Image Credit: iam8bit / FacebookFrench Paper Gallery / FacebookBottleneck Gallery / FacebookSpoke Art / FacebookGallery 1988 / Facebook

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