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Get Your Ears Ready for This Sweet EarthBound Vinyl

Get Your Ears Ready for This Sweet EarthBound Vinyl

Got Christmas money to spend? Love listening to video game soundtracks, but wish that more of them were released on the superior vinyl format? Oh, and it probably helps if names like Ness, Lucas, Paula, and Porky also have some meaning in your gaming heart.

Well, good. Get ready, because you are going to want this. Get a load of this awesome EarthBound (or as its known in Japan, Mother 2) vinyl.


Pretty, right? Ship To Shore PhonoCo. is selling a beautiful throwback vinyl for the soundtrack of Mother 2. Composed by Hirokazu Tanaka and Keiichi Suzuki, it’s the first time the soundtrack has ever been released on vinyl (remastered, no less!), and the first time its ever been available outside of Japan. Yeah, your ears are going to love this.

The record is shipping early this year, and while many of the coolest colors are sold out, there’s still options available (like Hot Springs pink and the regular black) for you audiophiles out there. I missed out on grabbing the SUPER awesome looking Red and Black Swirl vinyl, but you can see all the color options, as well as the gatefold vinyl packaging below.


Ship to Shore PhonoCo. also has the soundtrack to the first Mother for sale. Get those headphones ready and go check them all out right here. Oh, and if you are really curious, here’s the full track listing for the record:

1. Prologue
2. Onett
3. Twoson
4. Saturn Valley
5. Winters
6. Threek
7. Doko Doko Desert
8. Fourside
9. Moonside

1. Ramma
2. Summers
3. Scarabi
4. Dungeon Man
5. Cursed Jungles
6. Gumi Village
7. The Under World
8. Magicant
9. The Great Under World

1. Final Battle
2. Love & Peace
3. Ending

1. Room Number (PSI Mix)
2. Hula-Hoop (PSI Mix)
3. Another 2 (PSI Mix)


What’s your favorite song from Earthbound? What other video game series would you like to see come to vinyl? Let us know in the comments below!

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