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Get Your Anime Fix Like Never Before Over at Funimation!

A long, long time ago (like, the 80s) getting anime was a chore. Anime clubs were few and far between and every now and then, you’d had to ship a VHS tape to some guy in Michigan to get your fix (I’m so… crushingly… old…).

HOWEVER, thanks to the miracle of technology and dedicated companies like Funimation, we now have a much better way of doing things. Whereas dubs used to take several weeks to reach the dub-hungry audience, Funimation has cut that process down to two weeks on certain shows.

Head over to Funimation to see what Broadcast Dubs are available now as part of Funimation’s Summer 2016 Lineup. And also be sure to check out Geek & Sundry’s new anime show “Anime Gateways” that will be debuting later in August. We’ll be recommending some of our favorite anime of all time, so if you’re looking for a new show (or just want to politely suggest other shows in the comments section), give it a look!

It sure beats watching those VHS tapes (so…so…old).

Critical Role

Critical Role – Liam’s Quest: Full Circle

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery –  Going Full Circle

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Going Full Circle

Critical Role

Critical Role: Episode 94 – Jugs and Rods