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Get Your 80’s Movie Fix With This Awesome Double Feature!

Get Your 80’s Movie Fix With This Awesome Double Feature!

Looking for something to do with your friends tonight? How about an awesome movie pairing, guaranteed to lead you on a wild ride of adventure and hilarity. Prepare your eyeballs for greatness. The 1980’s brought us two back to back classics: Flash Gordon and Big Trouble in Little China.

Both of these movies feature a main hero with an “all-American” background trying to save the damsel and the world all at the same time. Combine that with some good, old fashioned 80’s campiness and fun, and you have yourself an amazing double feature.

poster1I would suggest watching Flash Gordon first. This movie came out in 1980 and is based off of a sci-fi comic book series that came out in 1934 so it is chock full of weird, cheesey goodness. The basic story is that Ming the Merciless (see mustachioed evil-doer above) has decided, out of boredom, to torment and ultimately destroy planet Earth with natural disasters. During a flight, Flash Gordon and journalist Dale Arden’s plane is knocked out of the sky by a meteorite. They crash land in the greenhouse of Dr. Hans Zarkov. Zarkov has decided to travel into space to investigate the cause of the natural disasters plaguing earth. When Zarkov’s assistant wisely decides not to go along with the kooky plan, he force Flash and Dale into accompanying the doctor.

They go to Ming’s planet, Mongo, and promptly get themselves captured. Through a crazy series of events that involve multiple members of space royalty, an army of hawk men, a scorpion monster, a shot-gun wedding, and a power ring not quite on par with green Lantern’s, Flash manages to save the day. What really makes this movie epic is the soundtrack. A huge part of the score was created by Queen and once you have heard the into to the movie, it will be rattling around in your head for weeks afterward.

poster 2After that wild science fiction masterpiece, it’s time to follow up with the urban fantasy Big Trouble in Little China. This movie has significantly better special effects and yet still manages to slather on the liquid cheese that I love so much about these films. In this story, Jack Burton takes his pal Wang Chi to pick up Wang’s fiancée, Miao Yin,  from the airport. A gang called the “Lords of Death” kidnap the Miao. In trying to get her back, our heroes fight mystical martial artists called “The Three Storms”, team up with lawyer Gracie Law (yep, that’s her name), encounter a beholder, and interrupt (you guessed it) another shot-gun wedding.

Our evil mastermind, Lo Pan plans to break the curse placed on him by marrying and killing a green eyed woman. Good news for Lo Pan, both Gracie and Miao have green eyes. Bad news for Lo Pan, at least one of our heroes actually knows how to fight and the other knows how to take a punch.

These films are an absolute blast and I hope you have as much with them as I do.


What are your favorite film pairings? Have you watched Flash Gordon or Big Trouble in Little China? If so, what are your most loved parts of the movies? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Image Credits:Universal Pictures / 20th Century Fox

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