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Get to Know the Fashion & Lifestyle Nominees for the 2015 Geekie Awards

Get to Know the Fashion & Lifestyle Nominees for the 2015 Geekie Awards

The official nominees were announced last week for the 2015 Geekie Awards. This year’s winners will be picked by a popular vote, and while the voting period hasn’t begun quite yet, it’s time to get to know the nominees so you can decide how you want to vote. The Geekies cover all landscapes of geekery, highlighting the best in web series, blogs, comics, podcast, toys and of course, fashion.

With brands like Her Universe and We Love Fine, geeky fashion has been on the rise lately. There are tons of talented designers out there who are becoming more and more empowered to infuse their geeky passions into their fashion dreams. With online storefronts on Etsy and promotion from awards like the Geekies, geek fashion is more heavily featured and more easily accessible than it has ever been.

This year’s nominees for Fashion & Lifestyle are all amazing innovators in geeky fashion, and are creating some truly awesome products for geeks. Here is a bit about each of the five nominees, and where you can go to buy some of their awesome creations.



Headed up by Boyd Baten, Divamp Coture is unique and creative marriage of metalworking and burlesque. A strange marriage, but if you take one look at Boyd’s creation, you’ll be blown away. He makes everything from corsets and steampunk accessories to any other metal creation you could imagine. Boyd’s designs aren’t cheap, but his expert craftsmanship proves that every penny you drop will bring you an exquisite, expertly-crafted piece of wearable art. If you want to buy one of Brady’s designs yourself, head over to the Divamp Coture Etsy shop, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.



Zolnar’s mission can be explained with the brand’s tag line: because it’s cool. Headed up by Eva Zolnar, the Zolnar brand brings customers amazing, well-made, sturdy, comfortable clothing with a sci-fi/cyberpunk/futuristic angle. Eva makes sure that the fabrics she uses are sturdy and well-dyed so her garments are durable for as long as the wearer needs them to last. Taking into account how the human body works, Eva’s designs are not only cool and lasting, but they’re also super comfy. One of her favorite parts of the job is working on creating the perfect custom order with a customer, so if you’ve got a sci-fi dream outfit in the back of your mind, Eva’s got you covered. If you want to learn more about Zolnar and buy one of her designs—or commission a project—you can do so at the Zolnar website. Be sure to follow them on Facebook as well.



I’m obsessed with Sent From Mars, you guys. Mari Ruiz, Sent From Mars’ creator and designer, creates these AMAZING purses and handbags based on geeky icons. The bags range from subtle nods to geekery—like my personal favorite, the Han Solo handbag—to more obvious fandom ties like the Heisenberg clutch. Mari’s bags are inspired by video games, movies, and television, and that love—paired with her expert fashion design skills—make for excellent, carefully-crafted bags. To buy a bag for yourself, head to the Sent From Mars Etsy, and follow Sent from Mars on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.



Headed up by designer and builder Josh McGovern, graphic artist Stacy McGovern, and designer and builder Nathias Vengen, Sharp Mountain Leather is the place to go for any finely crafted, custom designed pieces of armor and leather accessories. The Sharp Mountain Leather team takes that intricate piece of armor you’ve had floating around your head and crafts an amazing work of art built to your individual specifications. In short: the stuff you get from Sharp Mountain Leather isn’t only amazing, but it’s also totally one of a kind. To buy some of your own badass armor, go to the Sharp Mountain Leather website, and follow Sharp Mountain Leather on Facebook.


elhoffer design

Elhoffer Design, run by its founder Catherine Elhoffer, specializes in all stripes of geeky fashion and design. If you commission a project from her, she can help you design a cosplay outfit, high fashion coture gown, elaborate costume, and the everyday wear of your dreams. She’s one of the designers over at We Love Fine, and is the one we all have to thank for their amazing Spider-Gwen line. She also designed that adorable Totoro-inspired gown from the Her Universe fashion show. Basically, whatever sort of geeky fashion you need in your life, Catherine can create it for you—and it will be even better than you ever imagined. If you want to buy an Elhoffer Design, head to their website, and follow Elhoffer Design on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think of this year’s nominees for Fashion & Lifestyle? Have you bought anything from any of these designers in the past? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Image credit:, Divamp Coture/, Zolnar/, Sent From Mars/, Sharp Mountain Leather/, Elhoffer Design/

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