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Geek & Sundry’s Sneak Peek at Super Mario Maker

Geek & Sundry got a super awesome sneak peek at the highly anticipated WiiU game, Super Mario Maker. Jessica Marzipan and Hector Navarro visited the wonderful world of Nintendo to sit down and create their own Super Mario world with an in-depth first look at the full set of tools and world building blocks available. Check out their level above and make sure to give them a thumbs up so that they can prove that they are the best creators around.

Hector and Jess put your jumping and timing skills to the test in “Silence of the Yoshis“. This fairly straight forward, yet frustratingly fun level highlights a number of the game’s core mechanics as well as a variety of the objects available to build with in Super Mario Maker. With just a short amount of time, Jess and Hector manage to build a Mario World stage, which demonstrates the game’s ease of use and intuitive design. We’re definitely looking forward to the unlimited possibilities offered by this game and can’t wait to get our hands on the final product, which will be released on September 11th.

Head on over to YouTube to give Jessica and Hector’s level a thumbs so that they can be crowned the Super Creators!

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