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Geek & Sundry Presents Lenovo’s Game State – Rain Down Her Wrath

Geek & Sundry Presents Lenovo’s Game State – Rain Down Her Wrath

Indie game company, Dark Rift, teamed up with Lenovo Gaming along with Machinima, Rooster Teeth, and Geek & Sundry to create an online content destination to design the ultimate sci-fi tower defense game. The Dark Rift developers use the Lenovo Y Series to create jaw-dropping environments and character designs that will be featured in the game that you are helping to design. The outpouring of support was phenomenal, but that was only the beginning.

Game State is where gamers like you have been taking on missions to help shape the game’s characters, environments, and gameplay.  You showed off your skills in weapon design for the mission 3. Hundreds of lethal blueprints flooded the system, but in the end there could only be one winner to get their weapon in Dark Rift’s tower defense game. Head over to Lenovo’s Game State website to find out who.

Mission 4: Rain Down Her Wrath has begun and Gwen, the vengeance-ridden, Tribal-killing Grand Marshal needs your help in creating an explosive finisher that will decimate her enemies.

What should the ultimate ability be? Gwen could unleash a herd of cyber bison to storm along the path to smash any and all enemies in her way. She could pull out a rocket launcher to hurl acid-soaked homing projectiles at all who dare to defy her. The important part is that you head over to Game State now, and remember to suggest the catchphrase she’ll yell before unleashing hell.

“Quake with fear!”

“Ready to set the world on fire!”

“Here we go again!”

If your finishing move gets chosen, gamer maven and the voice of Gwen, Michele Morrow will recite your catchphrase and give you a shout out. Remember that once you submit to tell everyone you know to vote for your submission! Click on the share buttons for Twitter and Facebook to spread the word using #GameState.

Head over to now to share your thoughts on the game. With your input, you’ll be able to create the game that you want to play. This a unique opportunity to improve the next generation of games, so get your hands in the process and make your voice heard.

Sign up and start exploring today on Game State to build the game you’ve always dreamed about!

Take on Mission 4: Rain Down Her Wrath now:

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