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Geek & Sundry Presents Lenovo’s Game State – Creating The Weapons

The adventure continues. Already, YOU and fellow gamers have been getting involved with the development process for Dark Rift’s tower defense game through Lenovo’s Game State, a gamer community where anyone can sign up to offer creative contributions and feedback. Join Geek & Sundry along with Funhaus  and Machinima to help create the indie game of your dreams.

In Mission 1, we met the team over at Dark Rift, the indie game company made of Blizzard entertainment and industry veterans. You can check out a video with our very own Michele Morrow sitting down with Marcus Moore @LenovoGaming to get updates on GameState.

In Mission 2, you became the architect of the world in “Defend Your Territory.” The developers listened to your feedback for this new sci-fi tower defense game. They were astonished by the responses and in their update, you can see the world take shape thanks to your input. Check in on what people had to say and the responses from the developers by heading over to the Mission 2 tile at

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Now it’s time to lock and load with Mission 3 called “Live or Die.” You have a chance to design a weapon for this brand new indie title. Draw, sketch, or design the weapon of your dreams and upload it to Lenovo’s Game State. The Top 10 designs with the most upvotes get evaluated by the developers. Once the mission is over, the team reveals the weapon making it into the game as well as the artist behind it.

To enter your artwork, head to Click on the Mission 3 Tile, then the Submit Your Artwork button. Be sure to have the box for Mission 3 checked when you submit your work. Make sure to let all your friends know to up vote your work on the site by hitting the Twitter and Facebook share buttons and using the #GameState.

Even if you can’t draw a straight line, you can still participate in the mission. Head on over to the Live or Die Weapon Generator to create your very own armament that speaks to you. Complete the mission for a chance to win a limited supply of ultimate gaming gear. If you’re interested in participating, you can check out Game State’s website to sign up and explore. You’ll be a regular designer before you know it!

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