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Geek & Sundry Has Two New Series for November!

Hiya, Geek & Sundryinos! We have so much to share with you, it’s kiiiiind of ridiculous. We have two new shows starting in November, and you’re going to love them! First up, we have Space Janitors following the new episodes of The Guild starting on Tuesday, November 13th. For the uninitiated, Space Janitors is a satirical and irreverent sci-fi comedy about life aboard an iconic evil space station as seen through the eyes of Mike and Darby, two custodians try to keep things clean in the midst of an intergalactic civil war. After all, for every Dark Lord there’s 10,000 minions that need working toilets. Trust us—it’s HILARIOUS. We’ll have tons of community Hangouts and other fun features to go along with the show, so stay tuned! Secondly, TableTop is going on hiatus following the Star Fluxx gag reel on November 8th (don’t worry, it’ll be back in January!)—but we’ve got tabletop gaming lovers covered with On The Table, starting November 15th. Produced by the tabletop gaming addicts at top wargaming news site Beasts of War, On The Table is a gaming bulletin that steers viewers through the best, brightest, and baddest that tabletop gaming has to offer on a bi-weekly basis. Host Warren Johnston’s unique approach to gaming news offers the tabletop gaming community unprecedented input by allowing fans to submit new releases, events, tips, indie game news, and awesome videos. It’s truly a show for the community, by the community! You can submit your own news here: We’ll be sure to get you more info about how to submit your own content to On The Table (as well as…wait for it…INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAYS!) so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ for updates and news! Thanks as always for watching. We couldn’t keep doing this without you—thank you so much for your continued support!