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Geek & Sundry 2015 In Review: LARPing

Geek & Sundry 2015 In Review: LARPing

We came at you hard with LARP (Live Action Role Playing) content in 2015. Why? Because it’s freaking cool! You get to dress up in costumes and fight through epic adventures with your friends. It’s a great way to take a break from the stress of day to day life and lose yourself in a fantasy. Check out some of the awesome LARP content we brought you in 2015:

LARPs Season 2
Scripted series LARPs returns with another season of action, drama, and romance…and that’s just the first episode!

A Beginner’s Guide To LARPing
LARP can be overwhelming to a newcomer, especially when everybody else seems to already know what’s going on. We’re here to help you get started.

LARPs Behind The Scenes: Where Do They Get Those Wonderful Toys?
We went to Les Artisans d’Azure in Canada to check out some of their amazing weapon and armor creations.

Holiday Buyers’ Guide: Gifts For LARPers
Even if you don’t know the first thing about LARPing, these gifts will show your friends that you’re at least willing to put in the effort.

7 Things to Consider When Building Your LARP Costume
Tips and advice on how to dress for both comfort and character at your next LARP game.

LARP Meets Theater at Dungeon Master
The Los Angeles show puts a spin on LARP by creating a unique, interactive stage experience.

Toast Your Latest LARP With Homebrewed Mead
There’s nothing like taking off your boots after a long LARP and reflecting on the day with some delicious mead.

Grow your love of LARPing with us with even more LARP content in 2016, right here at Geek & Sundry. Now if you’ll excuse us, there’s a horde of orcs that need smiting.

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