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Geek & Sundry 2015 In Review: Fandoms

Geek & Sundry 2015 In Review: Fandoms

We keep our favorite movies, comics, and TV shows close to our hearts. We love the productions, but there is something special about the way we love these things. This is fandom. Through our fandom, we find communities and even make new friends. Fandom, simply put, it’s awesome.

Pokémon Acting Badly – The Art of Pokéshaming
Fan art is one of the most fun ways to express your love. These artists took the meme of dog shaming and applied it to their beloved Pokémon. The results were hilarious.

Carry on My Wayward Fandom: Why the Supernatural Fandom is the Best
We explore how Supernatural‘s actors and community make being a fan of the show so darn special.

Fandoms Give Back By Channeling Passion Into Charities
Fan communities have done amazing things to create and promote charity work.

Redefining the Geek Community Hub – Serving Tea and Fandom
We check out Geeky Teas in Burbank, CA to discover how they created a friendly brick-and-mortar hub for for the nerd community.

Nerdlesque: The Sexiest Kind of Fandom
We delve into the sexy side of fandom with cosplay-based performance art.

Doctor Who Fanfiction – What Makes it Great?
Fanfiction was a thing long before the days of the internet. Can you remember that far back? Are you even old enough?

Getting Geek Inked: Geeky Tattoo Tips
Do you love your fandom enough to get something permanently etched in your skin? Follow these tattoo tips to ensure that you’re satisfied for life.

Keep waving your nerd flag. We’ll be right there with you holding up banners in 2016!

Featured image credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Taking On Bigger Adventures

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Taking On Bigger Adventures

Critical Role

Critical Role: Episode 101 – Thar Amphala

Critical Role

Critical Role: Episode 100 – Unfinished Business