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Geek & Sundry 2015 In Review: Critical Role Interviews

Geek & Sundry 2015 In Review: Critical Role Interviews

You may not have the technology to reach through the internet and pick brains, but don’t worry, that’s what Geek & Sundry is for! We’re your liaison to all things Critical Role. This year, we took the time to get to know the cast and learn about what makes their characters tick. And they only called the cops on us once! (We’re improving.) If you missed any of the interviews, you can check them all out below.

Critical Role’s Liam O’Brien Talks His Love of Dungeons & Dragons
Liam is a true nerd at heart. He tells us how he discovered his passion for D&D as a teen and used it to fuel his acting career.

Critical Role’s Sam Riegel: From Noob to Gnome Hero
Before the game, Sam had no clue how to play. And now he’s using Bigby’s Hand like he was born with one.

Critical Role’s Taliesin Jaffe: Faster, Percycat! Kill! Kill!
Vox Machina has spent the last several months battling Percy’s inner demon… literally.

Critical Role’s Marisha Ray: In The Name of the Circle of the Moon, I Will Punish You!
Marisha has a lot to say. A lot of really awesome things. We couldn’t fit them all into one article, so we culled the best.

Critical Role’s Travis Willingham: I’m Gonna Rearrange Your Fa–Ooh Shiny!
Travis reveals just how much he has in common with Grog.

Critical Role’s Laura Bailey: Twinning the Game
Laura delves into how she and Liam developed the twins. We also learn a bit about Vex’s main motivation: gold.

Critical Role’s Orion Acaba: He’s From Draconia!
Orion explains how a role of the dice gave birth to Tiberius.

Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer: The Man, The Myth, The Dungeon Master
We disarm the trap and open the door that is the mind of the Dungeon Master himself.

An Interview With Critical Role’s Trinket: If You Can Bear It
Growl roar mouf pffbt growl growl.

Want more Critical Role? Tune in to Geek & Sundry’s Twitch Channel every Thursday at 7pm PT to watch the stories unfold live. If you can’t make it, don’t worry. You can watch the videos every Monday right here at Geek & Sundry or On Demand on our Twitch Channel. We look forward to bringing you more moments like this next year!

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Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – As the Curtain Falls

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