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A First Look at Geek & Sundry’s Omnibus!

Do you have the kind of comic book questions that make others stare at you in a mixture of awe and worry? Do you lie awake at night thinking about the future of mutant organizations? Do you scratch your head bloody trying to figure out where someone could possibly park an invisible jet? Do you get panic attacks wondering how long it takes a super villain to get his makeup picture perfect before terrorizing a city?

We sure do. And to remedy this, Geek and Sundry is proud to introduce Omnibus, a weekly discussion about comics and their characters! And who better to answer said pressing questions than The Pull‘s own spectacular comic book specialists, Amy Dallen and Hector Navarro?

Each week, Amy and Hector will chat with some of your favorite comic book creators, industry insiders, personable personalities, and some fantastic fellow enthusiasts. Tune in every Tuesday to catch the action right here at Geek & Sundry!

We teamed up with TeeFury to make sure Hector and Amy had some sweet shirts to wear throughout the show. You can find all of their awesome gear over at TeeFury, as well as all of our Geek & Sundry staff picks (which are pretty cool if we do say so ourselves) starting 10/19!  Thanks TeeFury!

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Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Looking Back

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