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Geek and Sundry Joins Nerdist at WonderCon 2017

Geek and Sundry Joins Nerdist at WonderCon 2017

Geek & Sundry along with Nerdist are heading back to WonderCon! We’re trying to remember where we put all of our trading pins for last year, working on our upper body strength to carry more swag, and the most important bit, getting ready to see you there.

This year, you’ll be able to find us at multiple panels talking about what it takes to make the shows happen or just geeking out about what we’re checking out at the con. You’ll be able to meet cast members from VAST and Eric’s TBD RPG as they talk about what it takes to keep the ship running and to make a Sci-Fi RPG successful. Ask questions to some of our great Geek & Sundry Live Twitch hosts to talk about what goes on in front and behind the camera. Check out what happens when Talks Machina goes live on stage. Start getting those questions ready now.

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Our friends over at Nerdist are going big this year as well as you’ll be able to meet the amazing people making the shows, articles, and stories you love over at Nerdist. Get ready to jump into the Mako and ride shotgun with Kyle Hill as his panel of interplanetary experts dive into the science of Mass Effect. Also, don’t miss Alicia Lutes and her panel talk about ow technology is changing the way we tell stories on the screen. From science and tech to just making amazing films, Nerdist has you covered this WonderCon.

In case you needed more of an excuse to head out to WonderCon, we’ve got your back as well as some surprised to make it worth the trip. Geek & Sundry and Nerdist will be at the big event and we can’t wait to see you there.


Saturday, April 1, 2017:

11:30am – 12:30pm Space: Playing Games In The Void- Collin Kelly (Joyride), Jody Houser (Faith), Ray Utarnachitt (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)Eric C. Campbell (Eric’s TBD RPG), and Amy Dallen (The Wednesday Club) discuss how to approach the infinite possibilities of the galaxy as a storyteller and player in an RPG set in space and partake in a Q&A moderated by Jackson Lanzing (Vast). Room 213

1pm – 2pm Geek & Sundry LIVE!- As one of the biggest channels on Twitch, Ivan Van Norman (Game the Game), Erika Ishii (Game TogetherHector Navarro (Dick & Johnson), Stef Woodburn (Mines N Crafts) Eric C. Campbell (Eric’s TBD RPG) discuss what it takes to make broadcast magic happen and the future of live programing.  The Twitch crew will partake in a Q&A session moderated by Sax Carr (supervising producer: Twitch).  Room: 207

2pm – 3pm Live Talks Machina with the cast of Critical Role- Join Brian W. Foster (host of Talks Machina) as he moderates a special live episode featuring the cast of Critical Role:  Matt Mercer, Marisha Ray, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Sam Riegel, Liam O’Brien and Taliesin Jaffe.  The Critical Role cast will discuss the latest adventures of Vox Machina and answers your burning questions.  Room: Arena

5:15pm – 6:15pm: The Nerdist Panel- Join the Nerdist crew, including Jessica Chobot (host of Nerdist News), Kyle Hill (Because Science), Rachel Heine (Nerdist editor in chief)Andrew Bowser (Nerdist supervising creative producer)Mike Shaw (Nerdist head of video), Joan Ford (Nerdist writer) and Aristotle Acevedo (Nerdist podcast producer) as they talk sci-fi, superheroes, what it’s like to work at Nerdist and entertain games from the audience.  Dan Casey (The Dan Cave) will moderate.  Room 300AB

6:15pm – 7:15pm Nerdist Science: The Science of Mass Effect – Kyle Hill (Because Science, MythBusters: The Search) and nerdy panelists Matthew Patrick (The Game Theorists, MatPat’s Game Lab), Dianna Cowern (PBS’ The Physics Girl), Raquel Nuno (UCLA’s Planetary and Space Science, the Mars 2020 project), and Jennifer Ouellette (The Physics of the Buffyverse, Cocktail Party Physics) discuss the surprisingly accurate science in the sci-fi video game franchise Mass Effect, followed by a Q&A session moderated by Kyle Hill. Room 300AB

7pm – 8pm Nerdist TV: Tech the Future, Tech the World- Join Alicia Lutes (Nerdist managing editor and host of Fangirling), as she and several exciting special guests as they dissect how on-screen technology has changed TV stories …and even the world, followed by a Q&A session moderated by Alicia Lutes.  Room 207

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – As the Curtain Falls

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – As the Curtain Falls

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