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Geek & Sundry GAME NIGHT: Play Games, Win Prizes, and Try to Survive

For board gaming fans in Los Angeles, you’re in for treat this month, you’re invited to Geek & Sundry Game Night! On Wednesday October 21st from 5 – 9PM at 4 local locations, you will be joined by other players for a night of board gaming goodness. There will be prizes to win, an excuse to try out your Halloween costume a little early, and lots of dice rolls as you play with other G&S fans and gamers alike. The event is free, but some of the locations may require a fee for you play at their tables. Check below for locations and other important information about the space.

Along with great games to play, you’ll be treated with a game of Outbreak: Undead. This table top RPG takes you to a world where it’s fight or be eaten as a zombie outbreak sweeps the land. Will you be fast enough to make it out alive or simply fast food? You can dive into the campaign with friends or simply stand back and watch the survivors make their way through the wilderness. With Pandemic Play, you will join other players all over the world as you take out the zombie threat in an ever-shifting world.

This evening will give you a chance to find a new board game to love, friends to call over for a couple of games, or simply a place to head to when you want a quick game. Below, you will find information and location of all the participating location in Los Angeles for Geek & Sundry Game Night. Space is limited in each location so arrive early and be ready to play. Even if you can’t make it this time around, keep an eye out for the next #GnSGameNight with one of them happening every month in 2016.

Bring your non-board gaming friends, family, or any ghouls looking to spend a great night for some amazing people. With your help, we can make the first Game night a critical hit!

Geeky Teas
Location: 707 S Main St., Burbank, CA 91506
Cost: $5/ table per hour

We always have fandom-based teas brewed for your taste buds. For the event, we will be putting on a pot of The Walking Dead’s Bonfire Brew. Loaded with vitamin C, it helps you feel NOT like a zombie. We also have British snacks for purchase like Guinness Crisps, Jammie Dodgers, Jelly Babies, and other yummies. The Dalek may exterminate people at will. Otherwise, we are a wonderfully themed out Game Store and Tea shop complete with cat rescue (allergy sufferers beware), a Twin Peaks Black Lodge room, TARDIS out front and fun vibe. We also have all the G&S recommend Halloween Games.

GameHaus Café
Location: 1800 S. Brand Blvd. #107, Glendale, CA 91204
Cost: Flat $5 cover

Featuring a library of over a thousand games that customers are welcome to play. There is also we have a full menu of cafe drinks, cold drinks and dinner/snack items. Make sure you check out our online menu to see everything we have to offer.

NextGen Games
Location:5360 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Cost: Free

We have over 2000 sqft of gaming area and sell everything from video games, board games, card games, to RPGs. We have tables available for people to play anytime. We are a Magic: The Gathering Advance + Store. We do have a vending machine that offers snack and drinks.

Emerald Knights
Location: 4116 West Burbank Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91505
Cost: Free

Emerald Knights is a family-friendly establishment. We have gaming and comics for all levels of interest. Our location offers an upper gaming area, free of charge, where you can play favorite games classics or possibly learn a new one. We host a variety of weekly events which showcase many gaming experiences for the RPG enthusiast, Magic the Gathering player, Warhammer player, along with many other scheduled games. We strive to host events with media talent of all genres. Check us out and see who may be making an appearance to showcase their newest talent, demonstrate a new product, or just share whatever project may be soon to come. With a knowledgeable and friendly staff, we at Emerald Knights Comics and Games always strive to provide the best customer care and stock the newest items. Come visit us and you won’t be disappointed. We offer a clean and inviting retail location, well organized items, and an environment filled with good-natured gaming enthusiasts!

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