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On The TableOn The Table

Gatecrash, Warhammer, and Dwarves – “ON THE TABLE” Episode 6!

We also take a look at the new twisted denizens of the Chaos Wastes for Warhammer Fantasy and also some fantastic looking Dwarves from Avatars of War.

Also watch out for our massive prize draw which consists of an Empire of the Dead rule book and no less than 5 faction boxes! Enjoy the show and remember to have a look at these great sites we’ve mentioned during the show: Magic the Gathering: Gatecrash Wizard’s Brew Relic Empire of the Dead Wild West Exodus Kickstarter Anima Gate of Memories Dungeons & Dragons Concepts Dwarven Forge Catacomb Set Warriors of Chaos Bombshell Babes Avatars of War Dwarfs

Critical Role

Critical Role – Liam’s Quest: Full Circle

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery –  Going Full Circle

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – Going Full Circle

Critical Role

Critical Role: Episode 94 – Jugs and Rods