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List of Felicia's Fave Five's ~ Or the Now Non-Alliterative Top Three!



  • Seeing a Commodore SX-64 in the Fave Five on The Flog reminded me of the song Computer Camp Lover by Datarock
  • Seeing Felicia with a Commodore SX-64 reminded me of Computer Camp Love by Datarock
  • Sorry All.... I need to learn html so I can be one of the cool kids..... IDIOT
  • Thank you for posting this for us to come back and check out these fav's.
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  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    @ESM900 - thanks so much for maintaining this thread - very helpful and hugely appreciated! :)

    I guess Felicia has thrown us all a bit of a curveball with the rename of Fave-Five to Top-Three.  As always, Ms Day is lovely in her unpredictability!  Methinks to account for potential format changes in the future, I'll now just refer to that Flog segment as 'Indeterminate-Number-of-Items-of-Interest' - which is quite possibly the worst title in the history of titling :)
  • EsM900EsM900 Member
    edited July 2012 PM
    Bit of a change-up this week! Felicia's Fave Five will now be Felicia's Top Three! Yes, I know we're all sad to be missing out on two geek-oriented gems of awesome every week, but just use the time you would have spent looking up Felicia's suggestions to google pictures of kittens. Perhaps wearing some kind of mittens...

    See, I already forgot what we were talking about.

    Top Three from Felicia Day Tries a "Sport"!*

    1.) Geek & Sundry Announcements

    See you next week, when it appears the flog will be called "Felicia Day molests a CPR dummy"!

    *Yes, I know the original youtube title said Sport and not "Sport", but until flailing on a tennis court makes it into the olympics, my editorial quotations remain. (Were that to happen, however, I think Felicia would be a lock for the podium.)
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  • DiajiDiaji Member
    I can recommend Zombies, Run! It's a great app. It even makes me want to run, and I hate running.
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  • Thanks for the post, but I normally just visit the FLOG channel and Felicia's fav five are listed right there for each episode (Top Three for Felicia Plays a Sport).

    ESM, how about a list of all the Questions of Note with answers from Felicia?

    I'll make one myself when I get around to it, unless you manage to do it yourself.

    Stay Geeky
  • Why the change from fave five to top three? was it just a time issue?
  • @wolfv Felicia tweeted that it was indeed a time issue - The show was running long and she want the best recommendations for her fans and actually having the time to check them..
  • EithneEithne Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    Next week I want her to just launch into the links without an introduction or referring to the name of the bit. >:) I love how she plays around with us like this.

    Anyway, whatever Felicia decides to call it (I have no problem with returning to Top 3), you can find all the past links here: Fave Five/Top 3/Trio Mio
  • godzeusgodzeus Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    Can some1 start a petition to bring back Fave Five or at least Fave 3 even trough i don't like it as 5 is my fave number. Ill be the first to sign it :D
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  • OakspoorOakspoor Member, Moderator
    I can understand that Fav Five had to go since the commentary sometimes takes longer and maybe cut time from Felicia's adventures. But Trio Mio is going to get old fast.

    Why not do them as "Flog Favs". Then there wouldn't be the pressure to make it be 3 each week. If more time was needed then it could be 2, or if they were all quickies you could squeeze 5 in the time slot.
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  • I don't really see what the big deal is. Finding five things a week might've been a bit more difficult over time, so I get why they went down to three. I don't really care so much about what they call it, I just care about the content of it. She could call it "3 Things" for all i care. =p

    @Oakspoor I think the Flog Favs is a good idea depending on what they were able to find for that week, a little or a lot!

  • TriencoTrienco Member, Moderator
    Well, she already made a comment on Twitter that they probably won't keep that name for long. I kind of agree that the name isn't too important, but I can also see why changing it from catchy to common to.. interesting results in discussion. In light of potential future changes, maybe not nail yourself down too much. "Stuff of indeterminate number" (wait, SIN?). If only Fluff wouldn't already be a word (but then each thing would be a fluffy... confusing).
  • Filne, let's compromise. Fave 4? Can i get a 4TW! :D

    And yea, Trio Mio got old 5 sec after i first herd it. Some1 should have told her to sleep on that one.
    Ace Of Spades
  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    edited August 2012 PM
    Hehe - in fairness, Felicia herself noted the Trio Mio name was a joke where she said 'I did it kind of to be a jackass' :)

    I think the joke she was going for, is that people really wanted to see the return of the full-blown 5 items rather than a mere 3 - so on this week's Flog she sweetly lures us in, noting how she's going to placate us.  And we all start leaning in expectantly, assuming she's about to announce the triumphant return of Fave 5... only to have her throw a curve-ball and simply change the name to Trio Mio.  After which she twists the dagger a little more, by saying it'll only be 3 items... forever.

    Oh, Felicia - you beautiful tormentor!  Pulling the old bait and switch!  Or maybe I should call it the 'dough and throw', given the involvement of a virtual pizza?

    Anyhoo - given her recent blog posting where she talks about burning herself out to the point of not even being able to remember her lines, if Top 3 takes some weight off her shoulders, I'm all for it.  Poor girl works way too hard on our behalf :)

    On a sidenote, I couldn't help but laugh at her Super Mario-esque approximation of an Italian accent - I kind of want her to say 'Itsa Me-a... Fee-lee-cee-a!'
  • O man ppl r gonna hate me for this comment but ill do it regardless. [haters gonna hate]
    Maybe she should move the Flog from once a week to once every 2 weeks. That Yoyo segment was halfassed. She spent maybe 15 min with the dude. Then one episode was her in front of vid con. I get she had a big load on her back but it's like we r running with her just to follow the show. Not sure if that makes sense :/
    Don't get me wrong; the show doesn't lack quality. Just a bit more commitment to it.
    Ace Of Spades
  • @Torontogal: Bait and Switch, you say? Have you been talking with Conflict Diamond? /horrible'd

    @Godzeus: I do rather like 4TW. And no, I won't hate you for your later post. I will disagree - I think that the Yoyo one was up to usual standards. Probably fairly comparable to the blacksmithing one. It's not in the top three for me, but I don't think it's a least favorite either (and there aren't any I've disliked). And while I wouldn't want to see con episodes every week, I also wouldn't want retro video games every week (or even every fortnight), or cooking every week (or fortnight). I'd still watch it if either were the case, but it's better with the variety, and the con episodes are fine so long as they don't take over. I really doubt there would be a significantly better quality were the episodes fortnightly rather than weekly.

    ...Yes, I like the word "fortnight."
  • I think u misunderstood me. I liked the YoYo video. I think it's a gr8 "sport" and fun to watch. Wonderfull pick for a segment. The problem i had with it was the amount of time spent on it. It looked like she met up with him and did a quick shoot in under 30 minutes. This is the part i have a problem with. Blacksmithing one was the complete oposite even trough i think the most comitment was the ice thing. Cosplay as well.
    I'm not asking for a full background on YoYos and that dude's bio but i am asking for it not to look like it was done in a hurry.
    Ace Of Spades
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