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Geek & Sundry @ SDCC 2013
  • CarolOHCarolOH
    PMPosts: 31Member
    Hi, everyone! 

    It's with great excitement that I get to share a taste of Geek & Sundry's presence at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 with you today! 

    That's right! We'll be hanging out with you guys all throughout SDCC at our offsite location, Jolt'N Joe's on 4th and J. We've got TONS of INCREDIBLE things happening in the space that we can't speak to just yet ... but we can say that pretty much all of them are going to BLOW YOUR MINDS. Or at least tickle them. The first one seems violent. 

    Since we're legitimately a block from the convention center this year there's no excuse not to come by and say hello. None. Don't even make one. Because we'll find you. Plus, you'd miss out on all the swag. And then you'd be sad pandas. And no one -- and I mean NO ONE -- wants to hang out with sad pandas. They're morose at best, murderous at worst. 

    And of course, if you're local to San Diego and don't have passes to SDCC, you're still welcome to come and hang out with us! No badge required. 

    So keep your eyes peeled for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about what we're doing at our space. 

    Can't wait to meet you all in person! <3<3<3<3


  • ramerkramerk
    PMPosts: 4Member
  • farlnalphafarlnalpha
    PMPosts: 9Member
    Sweet! can't wait to see you guys there. Are you needing volunteers? If so where can we contact you for it? 
  • scifiartistscifiartist
    PMPosts: 175Member
    Great stuff! I found out too late about the off site venue last year but I'll be sure to check it out this time! Really looking forward to San Diego again this year!

    See ya there!
    Paul Burrow
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  • CapriciousKCapriciousK
    PMPosts: 3Member
    Meeting Felicia and dancing at the G&S party were the highlights of the con for me last year! Can't wait to hear all the details. :)
  • ArtBoyJeffArtBoyJeff
    PMPosts: 2Member
    I will have to stop by more than just once this year...and depending on how my con schedule plays out, I might spend an afternoon or two over there!
  • ZuffyZuffy
    PMPosts: 1,388Member, Moderator
    :( So far away and so expensive. :(
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  • Daniel_WallaceDaniel_Wallace
    PMPosts: 2,243Member, Moderator
    @Zuffy: You are so right. :-(
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  • lingarnlingarn
    PMPosts: 6Member
    Good...  Good!

    I will share this information with my friends who will be there.

    (Also, the OP makes a lot of references to murder, violence, stalking...  Significance to be determined...)
  • StevenSteven
    PMPosts: 55Member
    I might FINALLY get to meet you Carol, even though the last time I was up at the offices you were 20 feet away being and busy and stuff (should have helped take down Jen the Munchkin slayer during lunch). looking forward to the events you have planned this year, Thank you (and Ryan too.) Was at the off-site club for a long time last year and that party... something tells me this year me and neil will do something dumb. 
    Find me on Twitter @thatonetechguy

  • mganaimganai
    PMPosts: 4Member
    Cool. Hope my schedule aligns. NerdHQ (and possibly the YouTube hangout) may complicate things.

    Will try and drop by! Hope to get to meet Wil!
  • starsintheskystarsinthesky
    PMPosts: 28Member
    Hopefully I can make it! I would love to be there! 
  • TheMightyJerdTheMightyJerd
    PMPosts: 372Member
    Whoohoo! Had a blast hanging out at the Belo lounge last year... can't wait to see what you guys have planned this time around!

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  • theladysrevengetheladysrevenge
    PMPosts: 33Member
    Wasn't able to make it by last year. Looking forward to checking it out finally! Sounds like a blast.
  • KelighKeligh
    PMPosts: 2Member
    We were able to make it last year and look forward to it again!  See you at SDCC!
  • seanleonardseanleonard
    PMPosts: 80Member
    It's getting so close!!! Comic-Con!!!!!! I'll have to stop by the G&S off-site this year for sure.
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  • BarbieBarbie
    PMPosts: 5Member
    I knew I moved to California for a reason.
  • r2d2armr2d2arm
    PMPosts: 2Member
    I am conveniently headed to San Diego on a work trip on the week of comic con.  Unfortunately, this trip wasn't planned ahead so no con for me.  I am REALLY hoping to hang out with all of you and perhaps meet Felicia and Wil at the off-site location.
  • TableTopWizardTableTopWizard
    PMPosts: 468Member
    need more info!  the schedule is out, so when are you going to be able to release the info!
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  • KeyframegirlKeyframegirl
    PMPosts: 3Member
    I'll be at SDCC and I'll drop in on your location! I can't wait. I loved the Geek & Sundry panel last year and I get a lot of comments on my Geek & Sundry button. (I keep it on my lunchbag.)

  • TheMightyJerdTheMightyJerd
    PMPosts: 372Member
    Seriously, this waiting makes me want to punch babies.

    What's the offsite schedule going to look like?!? Why are you torturing us so? :P

    Twitter: @themightyjerd
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