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Co-Optitude Episode 4 - Road Rash

ShibsShibs Member
edited June 2013 in Co-Optitude
Felicia and Ryan get their professional motorcycle punching skills on in Road Rash!


  • ZuffyZuffy Member, Moderator
    It's a shame they didn't play Road Rash 2 since it has split-screen mode (or 3, although I can't remember if it had split-screen multiplayer or not). Felicia's Depeche Mode impersonation was... interesting. :D I also liked the 'recap' at the beginning, nicely done. :D
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  • Daniel_WallaceDaniel_Wallace Member, Moderator
    I remember having tons of fun with these games... a motorcycle game where you can punch people, who doesn't love that? :D

    I actually thought that the bow to Sonic was kinda "meh". They didn't like it, some idiots didn't like that, so what?
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  • alanalmeriaalanalmeria Member, Moderator

    Hooray! A game I actually played! I've never had a Nintendo console, but I remember playing this on the Amiga. I wonder if its just me but I always remember having far more problems with the police than they seemed to have in the video.

    @Daniel_Wallace, I actually didn't mind the Sonic "apology". Probably because I figured it was intended to be mocking rather than conciliatory. It was also fun that the first thing they did was look at the manual, which some Sonic-ites complained about them not doing last week. Whilst we know the shows were filmed ages ago, some of them may see this and assume its a reaction to their complaints ;)

    Also bonus points for Felicia's D&D Shirt.

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  • I don't think it was an apology, rather an "happy now suckers?" moment.
  • harqharq Member
    edited June 2013 PM
    By far the best racing game of that generation was F-Zero.  Although, I don't think it had a two player mode.  Mario Kart did.  My memories of Road Rash involve a lot more police than this.  

    What I'd really love to see done is a fighting game.  Something like Samurai Shodown or Street Fighter.  Although, then it wouldn't really be co-op.
  • TriencoTrienco Member, Moderator
    While I had fun watching this, I think this might be the weakest episode so far and I completely blame the game for that. A two player mode where you take turns? Who does that? With one of them being degraded to commentator it just isn't the same. Can't help imagining how they otherwise would have completely ignored the race and just punched each other all the way, or tried to run over each other.

    Kudos to Felicia. I fully expected her to counter Slayer B with Slayer V. Resisting the obvious makes her a better person than I.

    I grinned at the Sonic "re-edit", though I somewhat expected that to rekindle the sh..storm. Also can't help taking it as a sign that it got to her.
  • I had a blast playing Road Rash back in the day but when I suggested it for them to play I suggested Road Rash 2 since it has the split screen playing for two players. Plus the game play and graphics where much better in the second version. I hope later on they give this a try because watching Felicia and Ryon swinging clubs and chains at each other would be priceless. Also you can kick not just punch. :-)

    As for other good two player games for a fighting game try Eternal Champions and for a good boxing game try Greatest Heavyweights. Both old school Sega Genesis games.
  • I swear, I'm almost certain that I saw Dave Gahan appear at one point.

    Very fun episode, though not much actual co-op.

    It seems that it's okay with games that could be played on the Amiga, so I suggest "Supercars 2". You could upgrade your car to fire various rockets, drop mines, and leave oil slicks. In other words there is plenty of opportunities to be a major dick to the other player.

  • I'm suprised they didn't take shots at the names that were up there. Biff, Slater, .... LOL
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  • There is a spiritual successor to road rash being created which was recently successfully kickstarted.

    I believe you can still get earliest access to the game via PayPal donation.


  • This lends an obvious suggestion to SKITCHIN'!!!
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