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Five Games We Want For Backward Compatibility On Xbox One

Five Games We Want For Backward Compatibility On Xbox One

With the Xbox One Experience set to launch on November 12th, Microsoft will bring its previously announced backward compatibility support for Xbox One to the console, with 100 games confirmed for launch period and more to come in the months ahead.

Various hit titles will be included at launch, including Fallout 3, Borderlands and Halo: Reach. There are a few titles that are missing at the moment, though it’s very likely we’ll see them supported down the road.

With that in mind, we’ve created a list of five Xbox 360 games we would love to play with backward compatibility. Some of these are already established classics, while others are cult favorites that deserve a second chance at popularity, if only for a new audience to enjoy them.

Red Dead Redemption


While Rockstar Games has done well with the Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto V, there are those who still prefer a Wild West open-world adventure, and Red Dead Redemption certainly fits that need. The game features vengeful cowboy John Marston as he completes various missions across the landscape, from hunting wild animals to shooting down banditos. With a good many hours of missions, fun mini-games (care to win at poker?), and engaging gameplay that sticks with you to the very end, this is one tale of Redemption that deserves rebirth.


When it comes to being a different kind of first-person shooter, Bulletstorm definitely sets the standard, following a hodge-podge of run-and-gunners as they take on military forces, freaks, and more on a desolate planet. Featuring a unique scoring system based on stylish skills (like nailing a nutshot on a foe as they’re impaled on a cactus, then following it up with an explosion) and dialogue that certainly stands out from the usual shooting fare (yes, “dicktits” is apparently an insult here), Bulletstorm is a game that a new generation of players should certainly enjoy. Just be prepared for all sorts of mayhem, Epic Games and People Can Fly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Portal 2

While both Left 4 Dead games would arguably be great additions to the Xbox One backward compatibility line-up, there’s something about Portal 2 that continues to make it mesmerizing years after its release. You once again enter a testing facility, battling GLADoS at every turn while figuring out more intricate puzzles. The scale is much larger than the original game, and the stellar use of voice casting, including J.K. Simmons and Stephen Merchant, is brilliant. On top of that, the co-op mode is a beast in itself, as you work with a friend to get through intricate stages together. It really is the total package, Companion Cube and all.

Spec Ops: The Line

Most military-based games, like Call of Duty for instance, follow a line that establishes a fair difference between good guys and bad guys. But that’s not the case for the emotionally charged action game Spec Ops: The Line, as you guide Captain Walker and his fellow soldiers across a desert landscape, looking to find the truth about an attack that left everything ravaged. The gameplay is quite satisfying here, but it’s the story that hits you in the gut, and it’s something Xbox One owners should definitely experience.


Finally, while the Xbox 360 doesn’t have any shortage of stellar racers, one truly stands out in the crowd: the weapon-based high-speed Blur. Think Project Gotham Racing meets Mario Kart, where you’ll launch out big cannonball-shaped like projectiles and other weapons as you race for a first place victory. Activision didn’t give this racer the kind of promotion it needed, but it thrived with community anyway and became an instant favorite on Xbox 360 and PS3 alike. A digital release isn’t very likely, but providing support for the physical game in the Xbox One would hit the spot, and it wouldn’t hurt to keep online multiplayer intact either…


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