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Five Star Wars Games To Play While You Prepare For Battlefront

Five Star Wars Games To Play While You Prepare For Battlefront

First officially revealed at the Star Wars Celebration event back in April, Star Wars: Battlefront has been making huge waves for Electronic Arts and is marching towards its November release date with authority. How could it not, with DICE, the developers of many Battlefield games, handling development and the promise of epic space battles?

The game couldn’t come at a better time, either, as it will not only provide a resurgence for one of the best multiplayer games out there, but will also tie in with the forthcoming The Force Awakens film, thanks to the “Battle of Jakku” DLC which will be released for free in early December.

It helps to get in the right frame of mind for a game such as this, so we’ve selected a group of classic Star Wars titles that will get you ready for battle. Whether it’s feeling the rush of space combat or living the life of a Republic Commando, there’s plenty of fun to be found here. Let’s get started!

Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader (Gamecube)

When the GameCube initially launched in 2001, it didn’t have shortage of hot titles, including games like Super Smash Bros. Melee and Pikmin. However, Star Wars fans were awarded the best game to date from Factor 5, who had previously developed Star Wars: Rogue Squadron on the Nintendo 64. Rogue Leader certainly bumped things up a notch, with a faster frame rate, more intricate space battles (the Death Star fight at the beginning is the best representation of A New Hope to date), and great controls. On top of that, it had unlockable goodies galore, including various ships and behind-the-scenes footage. This is how a space combat games need to be done.

Star Wars: Republic Commando (PlayStation 2, Xbox)

While most of the new Star Wars games based on the previous trilogy crashed and burned, one great title emerged from the wreckage: Republic Commando. In the game, you take control of a soldier working alongside fellow clones to complete missions throughout the galaxy, shooting blasters first and occasionally asking questions later. Although fans probably missed more popular characters like Han Solo and Chewbacca, Commando represented fun, first-person shooting thrills, even managing to one-up the classic Dark Forces. It’ll definitely get you in the mood for Battlefront‘s first-person shooting action.

Star Wars: X-Wing/TIE Fighter (PC)

If you’re looking for excellent space combat and Rogue Squadron II isn’t exactly getting the job done for you, then LucasArts’ classic space titles should do the trick. Both X-Wing and TIE Fighter present solid presentations that are true to the original films, complete with sound effects and visuals that will make you feel like you’re really engaging, or working for, the Empire. Better still, Disney recently re-released the game on, so you can download it to your heart’s content and play like it’s the mid-90’s.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox, PC)

Before BioWare made a name for itself with series like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, it created an intricate Star Wars universe with Knights of the Old Republic, a game so rich in story and battles that it became its own chapter in George Lucas’ universe. And what a great one it was. Your conversation choices and actions guided your fate (and the fate of the galaxy), be it good or bad, as you eventually learned your true potential and just how good a Sith Lord or Jedi Master you could be. It was followed by a sequel, as well as The Old Republic, but really, the original game is where it’s at, and it’ll certainly get you in a Star Wars state of mind.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC)

As you prepare for the future of the Battlefront series, it never hurts to take a trip into the past. And that’s where Pandemic Studios’ Star Wars: Battlefront II comes in handy. Featuring the best multiplayer action of franchise (so far), the Battlefront sequel introduced a number of new factors, such as being able to play as Jedi or Sith heroes when enough progress was made in a match, and being able to conquer the galaxy, zone by zone, alongside your friends. The new game may be much more sophisticated, but there’s nothing wrong with partaking in a classic match of Battlefront II fun.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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