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Felicia and Ryon Day Team Up On Heroes of the Storm

They say that two heads are better than one, but maybe they’re never tried to get dressed with another pair of hands in the morning or try to play a game with their sibling. Felicia and Ryon Day, however, make working together look effortless or at least with only a couple of minor altercations along the way. That’s why Blizzard picked them over all the other famous duos to show off their new character for Heroes of the Storm, Cho’ Gall.

The newest character to grace the field is actually two people riding in one body. Cho acts as the driver, moving you around the map and out of danger. More than your digital taxi service, Cho can keep you alive with Consuming Blaze, bring you in close with Surging Fist, and swing a mean hammer with one of his ultimates. Gall, on the other hand, is your right hand man as he acts as your backseat driver and gunner to dish out pain. You can launch a Shadowflame or a Dread Orb to make your enemies think twice before taking on two heads.

Double the heads means more health, but it also more experience points if you happen to fall to your foe. Communication is key when it comes to playing as Cho’Gall. Just watch a couple of episodes of Co-Optitude and check out how the experts pull it off.

Who do you think is the best hero to play as a beginner in Heroes of the Storm? Have any good tips? Let us know in the comment section below.

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