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Fan Craft: Devil’s Trap Supernatural Doormat – All Treats, No Tricks

Trap those pesky demons before they can step foot inside your home with a homemade devil’s trap doormat.

What you’ll need:

  • Doormat
  • Red jute twine (I used 3.5mm)
  • Large thick needle
  • Red sharpie
  • Devil’s trap template
  • Scissors

1. Outline of the shape of the devil’s trap with the twine, then make dots along the outline using the sharpie. This is where you’ll sew through the mat.


2. Thread the needle and knot the end of the twine. Start sewing along the dots you made, using even, consistent stitches. Don’t make your stitches too large; remember, people will be wiping their feet on this mat, so your stitches need to be able to stand up to some wear and tear.


3. Sew the symbols. You may have to take some creative license in order to simplify the symbols, depending on the size of your twine and the amount of room on your mat, but don’t worry about canon, the trap itself appears in many different forms on the show.

4. Tie off the loose ends and clip them.

5. Put your doormat outside and start trapping demons! If only Sam and Dean had one of these outside the bunker, they might not have quite so many problems…


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