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Fan Art Gallery: Geeky Muppet Mashups

Fan Art Gallery: Geeky Muppet Mashups

The internet is aflutter with those wacky, fuzzy, lovable weirdos known as The Muppets. A whole lot of wonderful artists have tried their hand at depicting the Muppets in their own unique styles, and with the new show, it’s likely that even more artists will be inspired! In fact, one of the most wonderful things is that, as bonafide “real-life” celebrities and performers, the Muppets lend themselves to taking on different roles and costumes while retaining their key quirks. There are so many different places you can take them, and the world of geeky mashups is no exception.

Credit: Jay Fosgitt

For example, the above comic by the amazing Jay Fosgitt perfectly transplants the Muppets into the story of Sleepy Hollow. Talented as Washington Irving is, I probably would have been more tempted to pay attention in high school English if he’d injected a few more bad puns into the mix. You can check out the rest of the story on Jay’s page.



Credit: Justin DeVine

Translating the Muppets into the world of Twin Peaks may not be an obvious move (I mean, it is a little unsettling to see Miss Piggy wrapped in plastic), but it is an undeniably clever and hilarious one. Props to Justin DeVine for picking just the right characters to mash up; and you can see a lot more of them on his blog.

Credit: Josh Gilbert

To take a detour into Henson’s more serious fantasy works, Josh Gilbert came up with these amazing arcade game-styled movie posters! Reimagining Labyrinth as a twisted Pac-Man, and The Dark Crystal as a bizarre kind of Donkey Kong is smart and funny, but it’s also the kind of art that makes me laugh, and then say, “I want that.” Hell, while we’re at it, give me the entirety of Twin Peaks reshot by the Muppets as well.

If you go looking for it, there is so much more fantastic Muppet fan art and I’ve tracked down a few more examples to get you started, in the gallery below. You’ll get to see the hilarious and chaotic spirit of the Muppets injected into subjects as diverse as Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and Winnie the Pooh before all’s said and done! Enjoy, and don’t forget to give the talented artists a visit if you like their work!

Featured image credit: Justin Ponsor;


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