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Everyone Who Participated in International TableTop Day: THANK YOU!

Everyone Who Participated in International TableTop Day: THANK YOU!


Were you at all a part of International TableTop Day this year? Then that exclamation applies to you!

To all of the game publishers who contributed games and special swag to our stream this year, your support was essential to letting us put on our epic, 24-hour livestream! Thank you so much to: Galactic Sneeze, Action Phase Games, IDW Games, Japanime Games, Skybound Games, Cryptozoic Entertainment, White Wizard Games, Evil Hat Productions, Campaign Coins, SlugFest Games, Fireside Games, CoolMiniOrNot, Action Phase Games, USAopoly, Brotherwise Games, Paizo Games, Syrinscape, Pandasaurus Games, and Nothing Sacred Games.

To Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, our gracious leaders of this amazing community event year after year!

To NerdBlock, who partnered with us to deliver three thousand limited edition TableTop Day subscription boxes to gamers worldwide, it was a joy working alongside you. Thank you!

To KaBOOM!, the national nonprofit dedicated to bringing the gift of play to America’s children, we’re dumbstruck by how fantastic you are. We are so thankful for your existence and for Lindsay and Jason from your team for really getting into the spirit of this fun holiday. We’re so happy to have had you as our official non-profit organization to give back to this year.

To all of the game store owners and hosts of community TableTop Day events, you’re the real MVPs. Whether you were an International TableTop Day Participant, part of our Preferred Partner Network, or an organizer of a community event, you donated your time, your money, and so much effort this year to make ITTD a reality. Thank you so much!

Finally, the players. You deserve the greatest thanks of all—in an age of omnipresent app games and breathtakingly beautiful video games and SO many other things you could have been doing, you’ve taken the time to realize the beauty of tabletop games. You support your local game stores and game designers. You spend hours gaming with your friends and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Everyone here at Geek & Sundry loves you, and we hope that you keep gaming, even when there’s not a whole day dedicated to it! Without you, none of this is possible.

Thanks for making International TableTop Day 2016 the best ever! Together we played board games for over 24 hours all around the world, trended on Twitter for over 13 hours, and raised over $30,000!!! Amazing.  

Let us know about your favorite #TabletopDay moment or game in the comments, or tweet it to us at @GeekandSundry

Featured Image Credit: Geek & Sundry

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