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ESCAPE! – Spy Central: Jessica Chobot, Timothy Omundson, James Roday, & Scott Adsit

Do you have what it takes to ESCAPE!? Join Janet Varney as she sends a team of adventurers into rooms filled with mystery, false clues, and plenty of puzzles. Each celebrity team will then have just 30 minutes to make their way out. There will be puzzles to solve and things to find. Teams get one free hint, but each one after that will cost them 2 minutes. Will they get stumped by a clever clue or make it just in the nick of time? There’s only one way to find out. Watch this week’s episode and see if they can ESCAPE!

Jessica Chobot, Timothy Omundson, James Roday, and Scott Adsit will need to find the codes, stop the missiles, and maybe find that bar they were promised at the very beginning. Our team of heroes need to use everything at their disposal to get out. Codes will need to be cracked. Messages will need translated. Ties will need fashion sense of some kind. Will they save the world or should we start heading out to the shelter now? Find out on this episode of ESCAPE!

Check out ESCAPE! every other Wednesday on Geek & Sundry or head over to ALPHA to catch even more episodes.

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