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Dream Cast: Legend of Zelda

Dream Cast: Legend of Zelda

For the past few months our hopes have been lifted and then ruthlessly dashed as to the possibility of a live action Legend of Zelda ongoing series appearing on Netflix has been dangled before or hungry eyes. If you’ve seen any of the of the other original series from the upstart “network” such as Daredevil, House of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, or Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 6 you already know that the commercial free format and ability to push the boundaries that broadcasts have could possibly blow our minds to smithereens with all of the yummy storytelling possibilities.

Even though we may or may not be getting a Zelda series soon, or not soon, here is our Dream cast for just a scenario should the powers that be at Nintendo and Netflix are listening.

Dylan O’Brien as Link

Whether you know him as the sometimes wise-cracking pseudo-side kick Stiles Stilinski on MTV’s Teen Wolf, or from the surprisingly entertaining The Maze Runner Dylan O’Brien is a truly talented actor.  Proving that he’s adept at delivering the funny when it’s needed he can also easily bring the on the intense dramatic when it’s warranted and he’s also more than capable of performing in and carrying intense action. If my sources are correct Hollywood is looking for ways to push his star forward and ever brighter, and I can think of no better way than to give the lead role in what could be a bonafide hit from a respected studio player.

Other actors on the shortlist: Grant Gustin, Douglas Booth

Emily Bett Rickards as Zelda

Every week she shows up on your screen as Felicity Smoak, the hacker with a heart on CW’s Arrow, (and sometimes The Flash) and every week we fall more in love with her. Her offbeat charm coupled with a sometimes irreverent delivery would be perfect for a live action Princess Zelda. And we’d hope that this version of our too often damsel in distress would include her alter-ego Shiek who knows more than a few ways to serve up a rear-end kicking.  Fight scenes for Princess Zelda? You got it. And we’re all in.

Other actresses on the shortlist: Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Roberts

Ron Perlman as Ganondorf (Ganon)

No stranger to sitting for hours upon end in the makeup chair just for a convincing performance, Hellboy himself would be the perfect person to play Link’s main antagonist. Known as Ganondorf in his human form, Ron Perlman could easily lend the same charismatic evil-ish swagger that he did for Sons of Anarchy’s Clarence ‘Clay’ Morrow, while an f/x company like Zoic Studios (Battlestar Galctica, Firefly) could take over for the computer animated beastly Ganon form.

Other actors on the shortlist: Edward James Olmos, Robert De Niro, Clancy Brown

Zac Efron as Dark Link

Every great epic needs its bad boy anti-hero, and The Legend of Zelda would be no different. If it were to get the long-form story treatment we could see Zac Efron stepping into the role, appearing first in the shadows as a threshold guardian acting against Link, but then slowly aligning with our cast of do-gooders as the series goes on. His past as our favorite perpetual Junior in High School Musical long behind him, Mr. Efron would be the perfect choice to take on a darkly sinister shadow…with a heart of gold.

Other actors on the shortlist: Colton Haynes, Josh Hutcherson, Kit Harington


But whatever you do Netflix, please, please, please let this be the official theme song:

Who would you cast in the Zelda series? Let us know your picks in the comments below.

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