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Do It – A Meatloaf Music Video Parody from LearningTown starring Paul & Storm

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“Do It” is the music video from Ep 1 of LearningTown starring Paul & Storm.

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Paul – Paul Sabourin

Storm – Storm DiCostanzo

Teddy – Mike Phirman

Bartender – Jason Miller

“Do It” Girl – America Young

“Do It” Drummer – David Daniel Diaz


Pretty little baby, we’ve been together such a long time now

I know it may be crazy, but I gotta get it out, before we all fall down

That the things that we’ve been doin’ with each other are good

But they don’t do it for me anymore

I got something new I think we really should do

I know you do tooYou know that it’s true

That I would do it for you

We should do it together

Or what the hell we doin’ this for?

Listen, little man, now can’t you understand, I’ve heard it all before

Don’t try to deceive me, or else you’re gonna see me walkin’ out that door

You’re goin’ on and on about what you wanna do

Did you ever think a second ’bout me?

Someone else is sittin’ at this table for two

Before you force-feed meWith your new decrees

And your sorry-ass pleasBe sure we’ve agreed

Or else I will be cuttin’ you free

I think that we should do it (I don’t know if we should do it)

I’m asking you to do it (We prob’ly shouldn’t do it)

I’m begging you to do it (You can’t make me do it)

I really wanna do it (I’m not convinced yet)

There’ll be nothing to it (So cool down your jets)

Together, we’ll get through it (Cause we’re gonna regret it)

C’mon, we’re gonna do it right now (If we do it right now)

Let’s do it (are you gonna do it?)

I dunno

Just do it (are you gonna do it?)

I dunno

C’mon, do it (are you gonna do it?)

I dunno

Do it (no)

Do it (no)

Do it (no)

Do it (um…)

Do it (well)

Do it (but)

Do it (maybe)

Do it(Okay, FINE!!!)

DO IT!!!

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