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Disney Princesses Play Dress Up in the Warhammer and Star Wars Universes

Disney Princesses Play Dress Up in the Warhammer and Star Wars Universes

Come to think of it, Disney Princesses put on disguises and use alternate identities fairly often. Mulan pretended to be a male soldier. Jasmine slummed it as a street urchin until it got inconvenient. Aurora took that “Briar Rose” alter-ego when she was in the princess protection program. Heck, the entire “Cinderella” persona was a fabrication. Maybe that’s why it works so well when they play dress up in fan art. We’ve seen them re-cast as X-Men and as survivors in Fallout‘s nuclear wasteland. It’s worked quite well. Turnabout’s even been fair play, like when Deadpool put on all their fancy dresses.

Suiting the gals up in gnarly Warhammer mechs might sound like a bridge too far, though. That is, until you see artist Emre Diaz‘s vivid illustrations of that very gory premise. The princesses effortlessly slip into huge, brawny killing machines, itching to get their war on while still keeping that ever-so-coquettish allure.

Warhammer ain’t the only space opera these young ladies have enlisted with lately. Ever since Disney bought LucasFilm, a proper mash-up with Star Wars has felt totally inevitable. However, anybody fixated on the notion of Leia as a Disney Princess clearly wasn’t thinking big enough.

In the gallery below, Artist Ralph Sevelius has fitted these heroines into the various armed factions of a galaxy far, far away, and once again, the results work way, way better than you could’ve ever predicted. Behold Ariel the Jedi Master, and her (potential) Padawan apprentice, Rapunzel. Tremble before the sinister Sith witches, Elsa and Snow White. See what happens when Mulan and Jasmine raid the corners of Leia’s closet that don’t have loose white dresses.

Clearly, the Princesses can fit into any role and setting. Have we missed any mash-ups with them online? Which franchise should they guest in next? Hit the talkback!

Image Credit: Emre Diaz, Ralph Sevelius

Featured Image Credit: Emre Diaz


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