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Diablo Meets Zombicide in the Minatures Game MASSIVE DARKNESS

Diablo Meets Zombicide in the Minatures Game MASSIVE DARKNESS

Kickstarter darlings Cool Mini or Not and Guillotine Games are at it again, with another (already fully backed) game launched on Kickstarter: Massive Darkness. Apart from raising nearly $1M in backing in less than a day, the game itself looks fun as all get out.


The feel of the game is very much like fighting mobs with friends in Diablo dungeons, complete with class skills and equipment that can be pretty epic.

Fans of Zombicide will find a lot of familiar elements, like a fully cooperative game with foes who operate on behavioural algorithms rather than using a GM to manage their actions. They’ll also find more refined experience and loot systems that build upon the mechanics seen in Zombicide Black Plague. This gives the game a replayability for players who love a particular character, as they can choose different skills and skill sets and equipment each game, essentially playing a whole new version of the character. Massive Darkness also leverages a darkness mechanic system, which allows players to avoid enemies and strike when it is most advantageous.

MD Character
As to be expected, the models are beautiful, the art is characterful, there’s gender diversity in playable characters, and the component quality is over the moon. The only problem: the models come unpainted (but that just means you can paint them however you’d like!). That’s a small price to pay for this much awesome.

MI Characters 2

Check out the intro video below for more information.

What Kickstarters are you excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image & Image Credits: Cool Mini Or Not (Fair Use)

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