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December’s Monthly Geek Calendar

December’s Monthly Geek Calendar

My, my, Geek and Sundry-ites, we’ve made it to the end of the year! It’s so bizarre to me how much more quickly time moves as I get older. I swear, when I was seven, there were eons separating my birthday, at the end of October, and Christmas. Now, suddenly, they’re separated by about fifteen minutes. It just sneaks up on you!

December 5: Day of the Ninja

The opposite of “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, the Day of the Ninja pays tribute to that great, noble profession of being invisible mercenaries. Like its brother holiday, this celebration is pretty much what it says on the tin: dress like a ninja! Talk like they do in ninja-related films! Sneak up on people for no real reason! It’s a fun day of silliness and black masks.

December 17-18: Project for Awesome

Those sneaky Green brothers seem to make this list pretty often! This is an annual charity event with YouTube’s own VlogBrothers at the helm in which users can upload videos on behalf of their favorite charity. The official website,, calls it “online creators decreasing worldsuck.” Celebrate by upvoting your favorite videos, or creating one yourself. If you’re a shy, camera-less, penniless geek (as more than a few of us are), just gather friends and family to watch the Livestream and get the word out as best you can. Cosplay the event (as if you needed a reason to cosplay) at your home, or your local nerd-friendly watering hole.

December 25: Grav-Mass

This one is for when you need is the comfort of physics to brighten your year-end blues! Use this day to celebrate the birth of one Isaac Newton, without whom apples falling would still be puzzling phenomena. There’s nothing more exciting than not being flung off the planet at precisely a gazillion miles an hour (or, three kadjillion kilometers an hour), so show Newton some love with an apple pie. Don’t drop it; a pie is a terrible thing to waste. The website recommends decorating a tree with apples and other fruits, loosely, so they fall occasionally. They also link to the one Grav-Mass carol, and tell you how to say “Happy Grav-Mass” in 9 other languages. Gravity: it’s not just a good idea. It’s the law.

Then, of course, there’s the end-of-year holiday of your choice: Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, whatever floats your boat. Honestly, as long as I get an awesome meal and family time (and presents), I don’t care what you call it. I think that the best way to get some geek into your season’s greetings is to just sit back and luxuriate in all that is nerdy: Have a Harry Potter marathon with your friends. Take some younger siblings, kids, cousins, or family friends under your wing and start them on the road of geekdom with whatever your flavor of geek is—comics, movies, LARPing—to keep your legacy strong.

If you have a bit of disposable income, another good way to go is to adopt a family through local charities/orphanages/shelters and try to help make their holiday season a little brighter. Gather up some board games and teach them how to play, or let them teach you. No matter your religious affiliation, it is the season of giving. Celebrate by showing your local community how warm and welcoming the nerd world can be.

By Catie Lau

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