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Critical Role Fan Art Gallery Critmas Edition!

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery Critmas Edition!

Hard to believe that an entire year has come and gone since the last time Winter’s Crest rolled around. A lot has changed in that time, both in our little world and the world at large.

I’m taking a few moments here to reflect as I write this, just a handful of days before Christmas arrives in Los Angeles. It has been an amazing year for our little family of nerdy voice actors. Matt’s story has gotten deeper and more intricate than I ever imagined it could. And my friends and I have grown closer than ever. And really, those two things are at the heart of D&D – discovery and friendship. It’s what keeps every player coming back for more. Call it the spice of life, perhaps…

It’s also been a challenging year for me personally, away from the table. I have more than my fair share of blessings to count this New Year, to be sure, but life deals us all our lumps, and some years are trickier than others. So when I listened to all the Critters who sent in their stories about the show… I get it. I really, really do. From the beginning, even before we made the jump to Geek & Sundry, this game has offered me the very same comfort and happiness that you all find in it. I am so grateful for these seven dweebs who play D&D with me. They have been a light in my life when I needed it most. Love ‘em to pieces.

And of course, it’s no secret that one of the things that has brought me a ton of joy this year has been further getting to know the growing army of talented artists who watch our show, and generously contribute such vivid creativity. We’re coming up on two years of Critical Role, and the childlike wonder the cast feels, seeing our exploits captured so beautifully week after week, has still not worn off. I doubt it ever will. You guys continue to amaze, and I’m so happy to know many of you, and see your unique styles illuminating Matt’s tale.

You guys have killed it once again, putting together a gallery of Christmas magic to rival the glorious Gilmore himself.

There aren’t enough words in Common, Celestial, and Draconic combined to adequately express my gratitude for these pieces, and all your work from the last twelve months.

Thank you, artists. Thank you, Critters. Thank you, friends.

Happy Holidays, and Less than 3,


Art by Anna Fleissner @annafleissner


Feature image: Anna Fleissner  @annafleissn


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