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Creativity Camp Week 7: Fire City

Texeria is an actor as well as a fire chief. Write a dramatic monologue that Texeria could perform. You can make him any kind of character you would like. If you like, send us a video of you performing your monologue. We would love that. Once you’ve completed your assignment, click here to submit it. We’ll be posting all assignments to a special Pinterest board for the world to see! Plus, two lucky kids will be selected at random to receive an awesome RIDEMAKERZ customizable car! It goes speed a million! BIG THANKS to RIDEMAKERZ! RIDEMAKERZ® is a supercharged, interactive experience where kids ages 4 to 104 build and customize their very own freewheel or radio-control toy cars and trucks, or RIDEZ. CHOOZE from a variety of bodies including Ford Mustangs, Dodge Vipers, Chevy Corvettes and Camaros, pick-up trucks, hot rods, Disney∙Pixar Cars characters and more! Plus, trick-it-out with hundreds of accessories. With more than 649 million ways to customize a RIDE the fun never ends! Have fun and remember, you must submit your artwork by midnight (PDT) September 18th in order to be part of the drawing for the prize! (We’ll still put all entries on Pinterest, regardless of when they’re received). We can’t wait to see your masterpiece!