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Creativity Camp Week 2: Rainbow Town

Creativity Camp Week 2: Rainbow Town


This week’s episode, “Rainbow Town,” is totally spooky, and to keep with the theme we’ve created a creepy challenge!

1. Create a character who has recently died. 2. Write their name and epitaph on this blank tombstone from the Grraaaaaaaaaaveyaaaaaaaarrrrrd. 3. Draw a picture of your character haunting their grave, and tell a brief story about them.

Once you’ve completed your assignment, click here to submit it. We’ll be posting all assignments to a special Pinterest board for the world to see! Plus, one lucky kid will be selected at random to receive a copy of Zombie Dice, the super-fun TableTop game from Steve Jackson Games! Have fun and remember, you must submit your artwork by midnight (PST) August 14th in order to be part of the drawing for the prize! (We’ll still put all entries on Pinterest, regardless of when they’re received). We can’t wait to see your masterpiece!