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Creativity Camp Week 1: La Munkya

Creativity Camp Week 1: La Munkya


La Munkya has already had some pretty crazy experiences, but we’re pretty sure that Emily’s story was just the tip of the iceberg for this daring horse. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to draw La Munkya with a new friend, enemy, brother, cousin, co-worker, pet, or anyone and anything else you can think of, and write a one page story about their adventure together. (If you’d prefer to color, the folks at Ghostbot were kind enough to provide this lovely PDF document of La Munkya — click here or on the image below to download it!) But there’s still room to add a friend!

Not sure how to begin your story? No problem! Just tell us:

1. The name of La Munkya’s new friend 2. How they met 3. What happened on their first adventure

Once you’ve completed your assignment, click here to submit it. We’ll be posting all assignments to a special Pinterest board for the world to see! Plus, one lucky kid will be selected at random to have their original character drawn by Roque Ballesteros of Ghostbot Animation Studios in the style of the La Munkya characters who appear in Written By A Kid! Have fun and remember, you must submit your artwork by midnight (PST) August 7th in order to be part of the drawing for the prize! (We’ll still put all entries on Pinterest, regardless of when they’re received). We can’t wait to see your masterpiece!