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Co-Optitude: The Warriors

Can you dig it? The Daring Day Duo take on the mean streets and shocking truths of The Warriors, a game based on the cult classic. Set in a post-apocalyptic world or maybe just a dirtier part of New York, the Day siblings will have to earn their colors along with matching vests by taking on the other gangs of the city.

You don’t need to worry about the other gangs when you’re trying to still a radio in this game when your brother is the one you should be keeping an eye on. Work on those jumping skills if you want to keep up with this crew. And the toughest thing you have to face may just be a locked door. Warriors, come out and play – with us as we dive head first into The Warriors.

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Let us know which indie/and or other crazy games you’d like to see on Co-Optitude, as well as your favorite ones so far!

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