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Co-Optitude: Pieces

We’re hooking up the RetroN 5 (in lieu of a Super Nintendo) and grabbing our Sega Genesis controllers, because this week, Felicia and Ryon are playing Pieces! This SNES game (known in Japan by the much more descriptive and fitting name of Jigsaw Party) has players competing to solve literal puzzles, as in the jigsaw kind, before their opponents can finish theirs. Players can use power-ups to find the correct piece placement faster or to hinder their opponents, which makes this game a grade-A friendship killer. Will Felicia and Ryon’s sibling bond fall to Pieces? Fortunately, Ryon isn’t using power-ups, and is relying solely on his jigsaw savant skills to win, so his relationship with his sister should be fine.

Unsure how to best go about solving jigsaw puzzles? Need some help trying to piece things together to get a larger picture? Sick of rhetorical questions? Then take a gander at Felicia and Ryon’s puzzle solving tips!

Pro Jigsaw-ology Tips from Felicia and Ryon:

  • Look at things so that you can see where they go.
  • If you’re losing, just take a look at your opponent’s screen if you need to figure out where to place a piece.
  • Have empathy for your subject in order to become a better jigsaw artist.

Have you ever played Pieces? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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