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Co-Optitude: Monaco

Do mimes think that they’re clowns? Are mimes just a high rent clown? Why are we talking about mimes? Find out this week on Co-Optitude!

On this episode of Co-Optitude, Felicia and Ryon put their sneak skills to the test in the co-operative indie game, Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine. The daring Day duo take on the roles of various members of a high-stakes heist team as they bumble their way through the biggest robberies of their lives. Will they be able to steal those things that they’re aiming to steal? Will they be branded as ruthless killers for the rest of their short, Monaco days? Will hilarity ensue? Well, just watch the episode to find out.

Nothing makes you thirstier than a well-executed heist. And nothing’s better than a Co-Optitude mug to carry the liquids which you plan on using to slack said thirst! Pick up yours today at the Geek & Sundry store.


Let us know which indie/and or other crazy games you’d like to see on Co-Optitude, as well as your favorite ones so far!

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