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Co-Optitude: Guacamelee

Put on your luchador mask and get ready to rumble as Felicia and Ryon suit up for a co-op session of Guacamelee!

This week on Co-Optitude, Felicia and Ryon set off to rescue El Presidente’s daughter in the side-scrolling beat ’em up platformer, Guacamelee. Dubbed by Ryon as “The Goof Troop of 2015”, the Day siblings stumble through the lands of the living and of the dead with a surprising lack of finesse, but they make it eventually. As they venture forth, the pair is taught the ancient luchador arts by a chicken and a goat, they manage to out run and kill an evil puppy, and they discover the trials and tribulations that await any who try to eat while wearing a luchador mask.

Rating: 12 pounds of Guacamole and 15 pounds of Fajitas 

Tune in to Felicia and Ryon’s Twitch channels to catch them playing games throughout the week, and be sure to tune in to Geek & Sundry’s Twitch to watch more let’s plays and the occasional Lady Game with Felicia.

Felicia’s Twitch
Ryon’s Twitch

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