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Clever Modding Transforms Games… Into Other Games!

Clever Modding Transforms Games… Into Other Games!

Many of us have fond memories of wasting time in the back of Bio with something sorta, kinda resembling Tetris on your Texas Instruments calculator. So insatiable is the gaming urge, we’ll play them any time, up to and including during other games. The examples listed below are light years beyond that old trick with the plus and minus buttons, certainly, but baseline motivations are about the same. Curiosity coupled with technical skill and a fair bit of boredom can twist code into basically anything.

Now, prepare to be marveled by some out-of-the-box thinkers’ totally inside-the-box hacks, and learn how you, the crafty gamer, might double or triple some replay value.

Space Invaders in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a “construction and management simulation” where players spend a lot of time crafting fantasy worlds. Then, they watch as their creations are inevitability destroyed. With the mantra “Losing is fun!” Dwarf Fortress fans maintain something of an enthusiasm when it comes to futility. So, perhaps it isn’t actually that much of a stretch when “BaronWable” managed to re-arrange all these dwarven foundations so players can ward off a familiar extraterrestrial onslaught. Because wasn’t Space Invaders basically designed for players to have fun losing, too? You don’t ever “win it.” You go through level after level, and the screen keeps refreshing until you run out of quarters or patience. All this makes the Baron’s hack the most fitting, and lowest-rez, fantasy/sci-fi mash-up ever.

Any Classic Game in Pokémon Yellow

What’s neat here is that Pokémon Yellow can be hacked entirely in-game. No fancy gear needed to duplicate this trick–just a Game Boy. There’s enough loose coding in the inventory system for clever gamers to unravel all of Yellow, basically. A previous hacker used that fluke to beat the entire game in under two minutes, but in the above video, “bortreb” went several steps farther by corrupting the in-game data and reprogramming it entirely. The possibilities would seem rather vast after that. One could essentially transform Yellow into any number of other classic games including Pac-Man, Tetris, or Pong. Most impressive, though: the MIDI “bootsrapped” in to play My Little Pony‘s theme.

DOTA in Minecraft

The bastion of customization. Minecraft. This particular trick is a veritable Russian doll of gaming obscurity. See, Defense of the Ancients (or DOTA) was a fan-designed mod created (among other reasons) to transplant a particular Starcraft map into the world of Warcraft III. The style and flavor of this multi-player mode left a significant impression on the Minecraft–TheoryMovie crew; enough for them to stack and paint thousands of bricks in order to re-create it. Here’s a mod created in tribute to another mod, tying no less than four separate games together with a bronze chain-link of inspiration. Out of all the myriad mods, hacks and re-workings in Minecraft, this DOTA recreation might be the most complicated, conceptually.

Do these double your pleasure or pack in two, too many? What other hacks/mods/cheat cleverly retrofit games into other games, and deserve our attention? Tell us in the talkback.

Featured Image Credit: Minecraft – TheoryMovies

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