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Check out this funny and sometimes disturbing tribute to Picard and Data

Check out this funny and sometimes disturbing tribute to Picard and Data

The amazing electronic artist Pogo is probably best known for his work remixing sounds from Disney films, but that’s not his only muse. Pogo has created more than a few geeky remix-y electronic songs over the years including this track released earlier this month entitled “Picard and Data”

Did the video remind you of all the episodes he borrowed those lines from? That long series of numbers, for example, is from the episode “Brothers” (Season 4, Episode 3) where Data commandeers the Enterprise. Picard’s impression of a droning speaker “moving from topic to topic” is from the episode “Timescape” (Season 6, Episode 25). This is not the first time a fan has remixed it into musical form; actually this is not even Pogo’s only Star Trek piece. You can visit his soundcloud for more including “Captain’s Control” and “French Math”

By the way, if you found the “Picard and Data” video a little disturbing it might be from more than Pogo’s slightly Joker-esque smile. (When did he start putting himself in his videos anyway?) Apparently Pogo wasn’t able to tolerate the yellow contracts he bought to play Data, nor was he able to find a yellow Star Fleet uniform. So he digitally colored all of those shots which I think gives it a strange reverse uncanny valley effect, but maybe it’s just me.

If you want to check out more of Pogo’s geekiest works here are a few more of his videos to enjoy. This “World of Warcraft” vid is rather charming. You just gotta love young Murlocs.

There’s also this one from Back to the Future. Remember he only uses sounds from the original piece. Pretty amazing huh?

Finally my personal favorite. I think the Mighty Boosh is pretty geeky but in any event this song is so fun!

There’s more in Pogo’s body of work that’s worth a long evenings exploration. Borderlands, Terminator, many more.

What are some other musicians that remix geek properties you enjoy? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

Header Image Credit: Pogo

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