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Check Out These Origins Awards Best Boardgame Nominees And Winners

Check Out These Origins Awards Best Boardgame Nominees And Winners

Over the past weekend, the annual Origins Game Fair and part of the celebration of included the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design recognized excellent games and their designers in the Origins Awards. We’ve played and thoroughly enjoyed so many of them.  If you’ve never played any of these fantastic games, here is one more reason to check them out.


2017-06-20 17_17_07-Best of Board Games 2015 _ Blood Rage _ Geek and Sundry

We recognized Blood Rage as one of the best games of 2015. As Editor-In-Chief Rob Manuel noted, “What makes Blood Rage special is how you can adapt your clan to deal with the different situations that arise. You adjust as the game progresses and it’s this ever-shifting strategy that is so engaging.” The gorgeous minis and art also are a boon.



Writer Blythe Widemann described Clank! as “a great game for people who enjoy a light fantasy setting, an easy to follow deck building game, and want something that doesn’t take five hours to finish.” The delightful art and theme make Clank both exciting and accessible, which is why we love it.



This game is made for conquerors, and writer Charlie Theel paints a vivid picture of the game: “That sound? It’s your opponent’s skull cracking under your boot. It’s your wall of mechanized chain-guns spraying hell-fire into a charging force of native giants. It’s the earth being scorched and laid waste so your extractors can mine precious minerals. This is war. Conflict. And area control.”



We’ve gone so far as to describe this game as the future of boardgaming, we’ve peeked behind the curtain to get to know the female designers behind the game, and even recognized it as one of the best games of 2016. Suffice to say, we’re pretty smitten with this title.



This game has the power punch combination: fantastic theme, gorgeous components, and strong mechanics, which is why we also recognized it as one of the best games of 2016. Writer Robert Hornbeck described Star Wars Rebellion as “worker placement mechanics mixed with territory control, bluffing, and asymmetrical objectives that perfectly matched the Empire and Rebel forces, all wrapped up in an epic game of hide-and-seek.”



Twitch Producer (and a man who dreams of colonizing Mars) Sax Carr summed up why he called it one of the greatest boardgames in the galaxy: “Its mechanics are simple, but its strategy is complex. Even though you have to stay on top of everything if you’re looking to win, the game makes it feel easy and fun.”



We selected Scythe as one of our best games from 2016, and Charlie Theel put it, “It’s a deeply strategic experience, but it’s wrapped up in gorgeous presentation and intuitive mechanisms. The ease of play is often overshadowed by its physical beauty, but both aspects are quite the achievement.”

This was just a sampling of nominees of the best boardgame category (which was only one of the seven categories), and you can check the full list of nominees and winners on the Origins Awards site.  Congrats to all the nominees and winners – we look forward to more excellent games in the coming year.

What is your favorite game that’s come out this year? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Teri Litorco

Image Credits: Charlie Theel, Robert Hornbeck, Teri Litorco, Blythe Widemann, Geek & Sundry, Calvin Wong (Ding & Dent)

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