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Check Out The Top Hard Science Stories (Or Become An Author Yourself)

Check Out The Top Hard Science Stories (Or Become An Author Yourself)

We all have ideas running around inside our heads for that next great novel. Maybe they come to you in the shower, during that long drive on Monday into work, or perhaps you’ve kept it safe on the underside of a cocktail napkin. It’s time to put those shower thoughts to work for a change. Geek & Sundry, along with Inkshares, wants to turn your dreams into reality in our Hard Science Contest. All you need is a logline and and a title.

The clock is already ticking, but there is still plenty of time to enter and move your story to the top. We are looking for stories with a foundation in science and an eye towards the future. At the intersection of science and business, you’ll find The Punch Escrow. Fossil records may change not only how we look at dinosaurs, but also the recent past in The Pirates of Montana. And we find out what happens when our past comes back to haunt us in We Clocked the T-Rex.

You can go check out all these of these works and many more when you head over to the Hard Science Contest page.

The Punch Escrow by Tal Klein

It’s summer in New York, 2471. Teleportation is the elite mode of transportation. Advanced nanotechnology has made everlasting life possible. Oh, and everybody seems to want Joel Byram dead… Trouble is, he doesn’t seem to want to die.

After Man by Brian and Michelle Guthrie

A virus wiped out every male on Earth, leaving the females to carry on alone.  Now, five centuries later, the genome is breaking down and the only hope may lie in something long lost.

The Pirates of Montana by Erin S. Evan

For 65 million years, the badlands of Montana have held a secret hidden in their depths. Now, this creature will irrevocably change the way humans look at their past, blurring the lines between fact and mythology. Based on a several true events.


From all the submissions, only the three with the top number of pre-orders will be published and get the full treatment such as design service, printing, and distribution into bookstores nationwide. Geek & Sundry will also get to select a story to put our very own seal of approval on. Time is ticking away to the May 16th deadline. Head over to Inkshares now to find out more about how you can enter the contest.

The future will be here sooner than you think thanks to great science stories and Inkshares helping to turn ideas into reality. Start working on your idea today.

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