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Keep The Easter Merriment Going With These Five Fictional Holidays

Keep The Easter Merriment Going With These Five Fictional Holidays

Holidays aren’t for everyone. We get it. Maybe you don’t get the day off or don’t happen to believe in whatever is popping up in the holiday card aisle of your local grocery store. If we have learned anything from watching way too much television is that goofy plans always work as long as you bring in enough of your friends and a minor celebrity. However, the second thing would be that the holidays are what you make of them, even if you have to create them.

Check out these five pop-culture holiday alternatives to give you inspiration to make one of your own.

Decemberween (Homestar Runner)

Fifty-five days after Halloween, Decemberween is essentially Christmas, but tweaked in an off-kilter kitschy way you’ve come to expect from your favorite cult web cartoon from the early 2000s. In the above clip the origins of Decemberween are explained. It has something to do with more than one Kobe Bryant, a Moby Dick-esque sailor, and The Cheat dressed in a sandwich board sign that says ‘The Popular Vote.’ Some Decemberween traditions include eating bunnies (sorry Easter!) and mixing up all the words from Christmas classics like ‘O Christmas Tree’ and ‘Oh Holy Crap.’ Sometimes Decemberween can be celebrated in July too. Hopefully you get that Deep Impact dvd you always wanted!

Festivus (Seinfeld)

In the hit 90s sitcom Seinfeld, George’s father Frank created Festivus as a response to the commercialization to Christmas (he beat a man physically in the toy aisle when George was a kid). Thus, “a Festivus for the rest of us” was born. Celebrated every December 23rd, Festivus (created by Seinfeld writer Dan O’Keefe’s father Daniel O’Keefe in the 60s) has several key traditions worth doing with your friends and family. Instead of a Christmas Tree, there’s a Festivus Pole (a bare aluminum pole). During dinner, each person is allowed to air their grievances towards the people that disappointed them that year and then the head of the house must wrestle another person of their choosing until one of them is pinned down. You can always donate to The Human Fund if you’re feeling particularly giving this year.

Robanukah (Futurama)

Invented by the foul-mouthed, booze drinkin’, wild robot Bender on Futurama in order to get time off work, Robanukah is essentially modeled after the Jewish holiday Hanukkah. However, as mentioned in Bender’s song from ‘The Futurama Holiday Spectular,’ Robanukah lasts six and half weeks (or two), involves a rigged dreidel called a droidel, drinking roboschewitz, and getting fembots to wrestle in oil (It has to be petroleum!). Bite my shiny metal, holiday-celebrating ass!

Leap Day (30 Rock)

In the 30 Rock universe, Leap Day is a full-blown holiday with its own weird mythology and traditions. Leap Day Williams is a fish-like creature living in the Mariana Trench. Every February 29th he swims up from the sea trading candy for children’s tears while singing a song to the tune of “Hear Comes Santa Claus.” Lately, people have glommed onto the idea that the real Leap Day is an extra day to do the things you wouldn’t normally do, but 30 Rock was ahead of the curve on this one complete with a Jim Carrey-starring holiday special. Happy Leap Day everyone!

Summerween (Gravity Falls)

In the town of Gravity Falls, the people love Halloween so much they decided to celebrate it twice a year! Every June 22nd, the town’s citizens carve jack-o’-lanterns out of watermelons (dubbed jack-o’melons), and the children go trick-or-treating just like Halloween. However, Summerween has a sinister side as The Mystery Twins (Mabel and Dipper) learn. The Summerween Trickster is said to prey on children who lack the proper holiday spirit. You better eat your candy, even the gross-looking ones at the bottom, if you want to survive the night!

Tell us your favorite fictional holidays from your favorite movies and TV shows! Let us know if you celebrate them in real life!

Feature Image Credit: Disney XD

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