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An Artist Created Police Sketches of “Game of Thrones” Characters

An Artist Created Police Sketches of “Game of Thrones” Characters

New York-based artist Brian J. Davis thought it would be cool to create portraits of literary characters based solely on the author’s original descriptions. He achieved this by utilizing commercially available police sketch compositing technology. His pieces feature characters from both classic and modern literature including Katniss Everdeen, Carrie White, Sherlock Holmes, and even characters from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

According to Davis, here’s what Tyrion Lannister should actually look like:

Tyrion CompositeA brute’s squashed-in face beneath a swollen shelf of brow. One green eye and one black one peered out from under a lank fall of hair so blond it seemed white. Jon watched him with fascination…Tyrion’s fingers went to the great gash that ran from above one eye down to his jaw, across what remained of his nose. The proud flesh was still raw and warm to the touch…Tyrion rubbed at the raw stub of his nose. The scar tissue itched abominably sometimes…The swollen brutish brow, the green eye and the black one, the raw stump of his nose and crooked pink scar, the coarse tangle of black and gold hair that passed for his beard. 

Call me biased, but I prefer Peter Dinklage. Davis also sketched everybody’s favorite knight Brienne of Tarth:

Brienne CompositeBeauty, they called her…mocking. The hair beneath the visor was a squirrel’s nest of dirty straw, and her face…Brienne’s eyes were large and very blue, a young girl’s eyes, trusting and guileless, but the rest…her features were broad and coarse, her teeth prominent and crooked, her mouth too wide, her lips so plump they seemed swollen. A thousand freckles speckled her cheeks and brow, and her nose had been broken more than once. Pity filled Catelyn’s heart. Is there any creature on earth as unfortunate as an ugly woman?

“Quiet,” the wench grumbled, scowling. Scowls suited her broad homely face better than a smile…Beneath her roughspun brown breeches were calves like cords of wood, and the long muscles of her arms stretched and tightened with each stroke of the oars.

“You will call me Brienne. Not wench.”

And Walder Frey:

Walder CompostieThe Freys all looked like weasels…Lord Walder was ninety, a wizened pink weasel with a bald spotted head, too gouty to stand unassisted…Lord Walder jabbed a bony finger at her face…Old Lord Walder’s suspicious face…[Ser Cleos Frey] had inherited the stringy brown locks, weak chin, and thin face of his sire. His eyes were pale and watery.

Davis’ images hardly end in Westeros. Check out the gallery below for more sketches of famous novel characters. Do they live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments!

Image credits: Brian J. Davis, HBO


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