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Breathtaking  Fan Films Bring Warhammer 40K & Transformers Toys to Life

Breathtaking Fan Films Bring Warhammer 40K & Transformers Toys to Life

All fan films are labors of love, true, but how often do we see one that required a half-decade of toil? With a boast that his magnum opus is “100% rendered in real time,” and a credits list where many of the roles are filled by the video’s creator, Erasmus Brosdau has crafted an epic tribute to Warhammer 40K that’s as impressive as any HD cut scene. Really, who’d wait for an official movie from Games Workshop, now? The mind balks just trying to imagine any Warhammer flick looking better than this. Watch, and be awed.

Keep in mind, too, that this is only the opening scene for a full-length Lord Inquisitor feature. In time, we’ll get to see what this serpent-like cross between Jesse Eisenberg and Ramsay Bolton does now that he’s exacted such cold-blooded revenge on his pitiful subordinate.

As mentioned, Brosdau has spent over five years on this lavish production. His YouTube channel has plenty of proof. Throughout many behind-the-scenes featurettes, he details the process of building these impressive digital sets and animating the characters within them. And with clips even showing how textures are applied, the whole process really seems like the high-end version of assembling, painting, and staging miniatures. So, yes, doubly fitting for Warhammer.

While we’re on the subject of what everybody imagines when playing with figurines, why not look at this other fan film that’s also replete with animated mechs? In The Real Deal, Canadian filmmaker Patrick Boivin shows two boys playing with Transformers, and the quick-changing bellicose bot ballet that’s most likely dancing through their heads as they smash toys together.

Are you hooked for more Inquistor? Have any of your TF play sessions shaked out like the one in that video? And are there any other toy-based fan films worth peeping online? Drop some recs in the talkback. We always love to spotlight fun clips here.

Image Credits: Erasmus Brosdau

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