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BioWare Teases Mass Effect: Andromeda at PS4 Pro Reveal

BioWare Teases Mass Effect: Andromeda at PS4 Pro Reveal

Since Mass Effect: Andromeda was first announced in 2015, BioWare has been teasing fans with sparse footage, rumors, and a delay in release date. At Sony’s press conference earlier this week, which outlined the release of the company’s upcoming Playstation 4 Pro console, fans got yet another tantalizing view of BioWare’s latest entry in the franchise.

Scheduled for release in early 2017, the trailer shows off new footage, our first look at ACTUAL gameplay, and answers a number of questions while leaving us with a host of new ones.


We follow the hero of Andromeda, a seemingly unarmed officer named Ryder, exploring an alien landscape in the Helios Cluster with a group of team mates–one appears to be the Asari we’ve seen in other teaser footage. As had previously been announced, we’re in a new galaxy with new expectations, and based on what little we’ve been given so far, anything goes. The scenery is beautiful and deadly as Ryder uses jet propulsion to vault over chasms and a shifting landscape. As we’ve come to learn with the series, exploration of alien tech rarely goes as expected, and the trailer ends in a glorious explosion and a quick, narrow escape. Players should note that while the trailer features the male avatar of Ryder, they will absolutely be able to choose to play as a female protagonist, which has become a hallmark of the series.


Arryn Flynn, General Manager of BioWare, was quick to point out that the footage in Wednesday’s demo was pre-alpha, but the early results were impressive to say the least. He was also quick to point out that the demo was made exclusively to showcase the PS4 Pro’s 4k capabilities, he promised a consistently detailed and graphically dynamic version on whichever platform the players experience the game on.

Fans took to the official Mass Effect Twitter feed today to press for more details, but there were none to be had. However there was one consistent message: a new trailer will be released on November 7th, or N7 Day. Fans will eagerly and impatiently be waiting until then for more information on this promising entry in an already strong series.

How do you feel about the new footage? Or about the increased specs of the PS4 Pro?  Where are my Paragons and Renegades at?! Let us know in the comments!

Photo Credits: BioWare

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