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Best of Board Games 2015 | Blood Rage

Blood Rage is about having the best Viking clan out of all the Viking clans. Ragnarok is coming and you’re not here to stop it, but bathe in the honor that comes from fighting, pillaging, and dying.

Everyone starts out with the same base stats: a set amount of rage you use for resources, a certain amount of honor for winning a battle, and the maximum number of units you can have on the field at once. As the game progresses, your clan evolves through conquering different lands, performing quests, and using gods’ gifts cards to booster your ranks through clan bonuses, augmenting your army, or bringing on giant monsters to fight by your side.

Every turn ends with another town burning under the rage of Ragnarok. Everything in it gets destroyed. Warriors, ships, and nasty monsters go screaming into Valhalla only to come back to you to prepare for the next age. As you live and die, you’ll be earning honor along the way. Earn the most honor and you’ll get a seat at the head of the table in Valhalla.

What makes Blood Rage special is how you can adapt your clan to deal with the different situations that arise. You adjust as the game progresses and it’s this ever-shifting strategy that is so engaging. Drafting your gifts at the beginning of each age gives you a chance to rework your strategy and build on what you already have, or see what everyone else is taking.

Will you go all out with brute force, be sneaky, or overwhelm them with numbers? We live. We die. We draw again. This is what makes Blood Rage so great.

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