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Best Mortal Kombat Kombos

Best Mortal Kombat Kombos

The Mortal Kombat franchise has had a long and sometimes controversial history, but with the debut of Mortal Kombat X it’s pretty much official that no matter how boundary pushing the games are in terms of gore and the occasional evisceration (ok, it’s more than occasional lately,) there’s just something about the franchise that keeps us coming back for more. With a story arc that spans the game’s entire 23 year history (and sometimes ignores that very history) we’re taking a look at some of the best combos and moves in the Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat related universe from the past, present and future.

Scorpion – “Get over Here”

Arguably the most famous and recongizable of combos, Scorpion’s “battle cry” is a simple yet effective moment of the Mortal Kombat experience.  We think it’s so great because he is imposing his will upon his opponent even if they decide to stay just out of arm’s reach. Not to worry, they can never be too far out of hook/rope’s reach.

Sub Zero – Freeze

Your opponent jumping around to much or too quickly?  Can’t get them to stand still long enough to take them down?  Sub Zero’s freeze is one of the cooler (no pun intended) innovations in the Mortal Kombat experience.


Captain Marvel – Mercury Bear Hug

The legendary joining of the DC Universe with the Mortal Kombat world produced some amazingly epic results. One of our favorite was Captain Marvel using the lightning with which he uses to transform from his Billy Batson form, and using it as an offensive weapon against his opponents.  We’ve seen him do this in the comic book world from time to time (most notably in Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come) but seeing it on the video game screen is worth the price of admission.


Raiden – Torpedo

It’s simple and has little to actually do with his lightning based powers, but Raiden’s Torpedo move is one of the most effective attacks in his repertoire.  Able to close the gap between him and his opponent in a matter of seconds, the torpedo is a great set up for much more devastating attacks against a weakened foe.


Sonya Blade – Cartwheel Kick

Last but certainly not least, Sonya Blade’s high flying acrobatic style is accentuated by one of most useful moves, the Cartwheel kick.  It’s the perfect weapon to pull out of your arsenal to set you up for an amazing riff of combos that will completely deplete your opponent.  Sonya might not be the meanest Mortal Kombat character, but she certainly is one of the most deadly.


What are some of your favorite Mortal Kombat moves, combos and fatalities.  Let us know below in the comments!

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